Friday, February 1, 2008


Hi! After watching Finn all day, I'm always ready for Aubrey, Regan, and Jack to come home from school to give me a hand with the squirmy boy. The older three really are a big help, and Finn loves being entertained by his sisters and brother.

I took this picture yesterday when Jack was carrying Finn to the basement to play. Not only is it a good photo of both boys (and I know there are several of you out there who particularly enjoy the pictures of Finn) but it also serves as an illustration of just how much a person's parenting practices evolve with the birth of more children. Kelly and I would never have allowed a 6-year-old to carry Aubrey around like this when she was 8 months old. But that was back when we were first-time parents still figuring out how to do things and worried that we always had to do them "right". By the time you get to your fourth child, you realize it often isn't about what's "right" but what's "easy." Finn was happy, Jack was happy, I was happy. Aren't families wonderful?
Have a happy weekend!



michelle wait said...

This picture is too cute for words! Being an expectant mother, it was great to hear your words of wisdom about parenthood and family. Love you all!

Mary M Clay said...

I love this picture! You definitely have four adorable kids! :) Thank you for sharing the pic!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!
I love you,

Mary H. Dodd said...

Grandpa Gary says Jack is such a good big brother to Finn. How cute!! I think you carried Michael and Michelle around like that sometimes. You are so right, family is everything. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the weather isn't too bad. Take care. Love and prayers, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Gary