Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Playing In The Snow

Hi! I don't have much to report from this side of the Internet but it's been a week or so since our last post so I thought I'd add a new one. I'm feeling pretty good. It appears the nausea is under control so I've been expanding my diet. In fact, Kelly and I went to Fuddrucker's (the build-your-own-burger joint) this past weekend. It was our first date out in a long time--it's hard to get excited for a night out when you feel like throwing up--and afterward we both agreed we need to get out more often. Remind me to ask Aubrey if she's up for babysitting every night for the next month! : )

Aubrey, Regan, and Jack had no school on Monday (end of the semester) so they went out and built a snowman. The snowman is gone today after two days of mid-40s temps. Don't feel too jealous about our heat wave though. It was 39 degrees at 4:00 p.m. today and is supposed to be -2 degrees by 9 am tomorrow. Now that's what winter in Wisconsin is supposed to feel like!



michelle wait said...

fuddruckers...yummy! I think I know what I'll be having next time I go out to eat. Looks like you guys have been getting lots of snow. We started the day today in the 60's and by 1 pm it was in the 20's. Didn't see that coming! It's fun to hear about your date nights...it's a great way for us to get some ideas for what to do on our own date nights : ) Take care and love you all so much!

Katie Clancy said...

Sometimes no news is good news... I am back in the country and caught up on your notes. Liked the good news in the last one - lower LDLs and shrinking nodes. Clearly all the work is adding up. Fuddruckers is a great way to add pounds. MC and I used to go there every Friday night. Try mixing ketchup and mayo to dip your fries in for some extra calories. I know it worked for me (thought not my intention...!) Talk soon!!

mka said...

I see Jack, Aubrey, and Regan in the picture, but where is the snowman? ha ha Love, Grandma Myrna