Thursday, January 24, 2008

movie star teeth atlast!!

Hey people!! this is aubrey and i'm just writing to tell you that i got my braces off finally-i am now completely done with orthodontics!! i still have to wear a retainer to sleep, but it's only to sleep and it isn't uncomfortable of anything. the picture is of my new teeth, and it is SERIOUSLY amazing how much my teeth improved. when i got them off, the dentist showed me a picture of me when i was about 7 or 8 (when i started orthodontics) and i am REALLY happy with how my teeth look. i don't think i could survive with teeth like i had when i was younger! the process was really long and it caused me a lot of mouth pain (a LOT!!!) because it consisted of splitting my palette to widen my upper jaw, which allowed all of my teeth to come in so i wouldn't have to get them pulled. Then i had braces for a year and a half and now, i'm done! all of the mouth appliances i've had are:
-a removable expander on the top & bottom
-cemented in expanders on the top & bottom TWICE!!
-headgear to sleep in
-a cemented in retainer
-and now (finally) i'm done (& i just have a retainer to sleep in-so it's okay!)
so, yeah, that's all-i just wanted you all to see my new movie star smile! (now all i need is some crest whitening strips & i'll be good!)
love ya all!


Kara Smith said...

Wow! Great smile! I am very impressed. I can't believe all you went through to get it! It looks like it was worth it. You have to post a picture of the before!


michelle wait said...

You look absolutely beautiful, Aubrey (as always)! Your new smile is gorgeous :) I remember when I got my braces off I couldn't stop running my tongue along my teeth to feel how smooth they you find yourself doing that? Love you and miss you so much!

mka said...

Aubrey, your smile looks great. When I got my braces off, my teeth felt long. I bet yours did too.
It's always a nice feeling to be out of braces. Now all you'll have to look forward to is getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Yippee. Love, Grandma Myrna

Mary M Clay said...

Hey beautiful! Thanks for posting a picture! Your smile looks fantastic! We'll have to plan another mall trip, to pick out some fabulous lipstick :)

Have a great weekend and I love you!
Aunt MM

Terri said...

CONGRATULATIONS AUBREY!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooo awesome!!!! I am so excited for your because I've been there, I am your mom's blood, so I know crooked teeth. My bit advice to you is, if you have a bar on your bottom teeth on the inside, KEEP,KEEP,KEEP it in!!! NEVER take it out no matter what, because if you do your teeth may shift and become crooked once again, even after you have had the bar in for ten years, even if your doctor says it's ok DON'T- KEEP it in!!! Trust me, Anyway, you look AMAZING. I remember when I got mine off, I felt my teeth with my tounge and they felt long and slimy. Did yours? Well, You are absolutely beautiful and now your parents will really have to keep their eye on you, since all the boys will be calling, not that they weren't already. :)

mka said...

Aubrey, Terri is right about the bottom cemented in retainer. I STILL have mine in, and will forever. It doesn't bother me in any way or restrict anything I want to eat. It's just a wire behind the bottom teeth. But it has kept my teeth straight now for years. Love, Grandma Myrna

Mary H. Dodd said...
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Marc S said...

Congratulations, Aubrey! And I'm glad to hear you're so excited about wearing your retainer. Don't forget! ... or you'll end up doing the braces all over again (like, ahem, me for example) when you're 30. Keep smiling, ... Marc

Katie Clancy said...

Hey Rock Star - great pearly whites. HEre's my advice. When you eat, don't wrap your retainer in a napkin. This is often used as a polite disguise so others don't have to look at your gross slimy retainer while they eat. If you wrap it in a napkin you will accidentally throw it out. Then your mom and dad will have to pick through yucky garbage to find it. On second thought, this might be fun to do to your parents. Congrats on getting rid of the train tracks in your mouth! Katie Clancy