Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Santa's Little Helper

Hey everyone! what's up? this is aubrey here :) anyway, i'm posting this blog to say "thank you" to the anonymous person that got us the black "Martin" acoustic guitar. it is an amazing guitar-and yeah-i've seen a lot of guitars! it plugs into an amp., has steel strings & it has really nice sound. the tag on the case (which is also a very nice case) didn't say who it is from. i think my parents know who it is, but i'm not sure. and if they do know, they aren't telling me!!! i really want to know!!! Anyway, i have to go, but thank you SO much again-whoever you are-for the beautiful guitar!

love <3,

aubrey kate ;) 8) :S :D >:) >:( :* :P [sorry-went a little overboard with the smiley faces-i'm just bored]

p.s. above is a picture of me w/ the new guitar

P.P.S. from Jeff (Aubrey doesn't know I'm adding this): Isn't my daughter beautiful?!


Kara Smith said...

Wow Aubrey, you look like a real natural! Congratulations on your new guitar! People are so kind, aren't they! I hope you enjoy. Maybe you and your Mom can have a new hit together!

Mary M Clay said...

Hey Aubrey!
The guitar looks incredible! I bet you're jammin' on it already! Can't wait to hear you play.
Aunt MM

Jeff: I agree...Aubrey is beautiful! :)

ksu_rock said...

God is Good! He works in the most amazing ways, doesn't He?
Let us know when you release you debut album. ;-)
Ditto on Aubrey is beautiful - your whole family is!

mka said...

A Martin is a very good guitar. You look very cool playing it. I even bet Finn would like to slobber a few tunes on it. Just don't get too carried away and smash it over your amp after a good set. (That's my rock star lingo). Have fun, and keep on pickin and a grinnin. Remember, I'm from Newbraskey. hee hee
Love, Grandma Myrna

Katie Clancy said...

Wow Aubrey Kate you've come a long way from dressing up in princess outfits and feather boas (we have some pictures of this if you don't believe me!!) you were cute then and gorgeous now! Keep being the rock star that you are, just like momma! Remind me to tell you sometime about when MC and I tried to take gee-tar lessons. Love, Katie Clancy (Scheer)

michelle wait said...

I can't wait to hear you play some tunes on the "martin", Aubrey. It looks like a really slick guitar. What a gift! Someone definitely knew what would be a hot commodity at your house. Enjoy pickin' away. Lots of love to you all!