Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cinderella has a new stepsister!!

hey everyone! this is aubrey!! as some of you know my school is doing the Rogers & Hammerstein version of the musical Cinderella. Anyway, I tried out a couple of days ago and today was the final cast list. AND I'M AN EVIL STEPSISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am SO happy because that's EXACTLY the part i wanted! Also, one of my best friends is Cinderella (she's so lucky!) so since we're both leads, all of our rehearsals will be together! and another one of my good friends is the evil stepmother! yay :D okay, well, that's all. but i just wanted to post this because i'm really excited that i got the part that i was hoping for!!!
aubrey <3

p.s. i'm getting Chinese food tonight to celebrate-it's my favorite!


Mary M Clay said...

Congratulations, Aubrey!!! What a fun play and an awesome part! What days will you be performing? I definitely have to come and watch!
Congrats, again, and I love you!
Aunt MM

michelle wait said...

Way to go, Aubrey! I really hope I can come to see you in the show. I'm so proud of you!
Love you lots and lots,
Aunt Michelle

Katie Clancy said...

Aubrey, I mean COME ON !! Was there ever a doubt? You're fantastic. Congrats and get your mom and dad to take lots of photos so we can see you in costume! Katie Clancy a.k.a Regan's godmother

michael said...

Congrats Aubrey! That is awesome, and i know that you will be the best actress in the play! Love ya,

Ann R said...

I loved your story of coming upon this information just when you needed to hear it again and it spoke to you this time. Your fight and courage are stronger then you think.
Love and Encouragement !
Ann Reins (Tracy Mom)