Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Brain Activity!

Hi! I met with my neurosurgeon and neuro-oncologist today to discuss the results of my latest MRI brain scans. They were happy to report--and I was even happier to hear--that once again the MRI scans showed no active brain mets (tumors). Dr. Malkin is even going to wean me from the antiseizure medication I've been taking since the craniotomy. That's fine with me. One less drug in my system is certainly a positive.

This is good news. I'm sure anyone who has ever had a brain tumor understands the anxiety that precedes each MRI scan and the relief that follows each good result. Although all of the melanoma tumors scare me, I have a particular dread of the brain mets. The only ones I had came on so sudden and have left me with a permanent disability. And I consider myself lucky to have it. The tumor that immobilized my left leg, had it been in a different spot, could have immobilized my writing arm. Or my vision. Or my ability to think and reason. Or my ability to control my emotions and make decisions. When I stop to think about what might have been, I thank God it wasn't and I pray to God it doesn't happen again.

We had a second bit of good news today: a couple of our cul-de-sac neighbors, Dr. Ben and Ellen Van Horn, called at about 5:00 pm and told us they were bringing over home-made pot roast for dinner. I had been planning to crack open a can of Ragu and boil some cheap spaghetti, so you can imagine how happy I was to receive Ellen's call. Ben just brought it over, and it's permeating the house with that scrumptious potroast aroma. Mmmmmm! That means this blog is over.


PS. I'd better explain the picture. This is a photo that one of Aubrey's friends took while sleeping over at our house. I liked it and thought some of you might too.


michelle wait said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! What a great report! Love to you all!

Peggy Wilkins said...

Praise God! and praise your fighting, grateful spirit Jeff

aubrey said...

actually, i took that picture by myself when i was really bored. i don't like how i look, but finn was just so cute i had to take the picture!!!
aubrey kate

Kara Smith said...

Great news!!! Yea Team Dodd!!!

Sheila said...

Such GREAT news Jeff!! What a wonderful family you have. Keep up the good fight. All our love and continued prayers, Sheila Kuchta

Katie Clancy said...

Excellent. Jeff and company, that's awesome - and the photo of happy kids so fitting. Thanks for the great news!