Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Snow

Hi! Yesterday we received another four or five inches of snow. Kelly hates the stuff, but I really don't mind it. It's pretty as long as it's clean, and in my opinion it sure beats temperatures in the -0 range. Thanks to my neighbor, Charlie Runge, for getting out his snowblower and cleaning off our driveway last night! The Murphys just got back from Belize late last night and I'm thankful Mark had at least one evening to sit inside and watch the snow fall instead of being out in it shoveling away.

I recently became aware of several donations that have been made to the Dodd Family Fund in the past several months. Katie, my good friend who set up and runs the Dodd Family Fund, has been utterly swamped and simply wasn't able to keep up them. Since getting married in October, she has moved her residence from Chicago to the mountains of Wyoming and taken a honeymoon to Costa Rica. Not only that, she has been traveling back and forth between Chicago and Wyoming (where her husband is from) in an attempt to serve the clients of her law practice in Chicago. And she has been busy dealing with the results of a burst pipe in her Chicago condo that caused significant damage. She wants to get the repairs done quickly so she can put the condo on the market. If anyone is interested in purchasing a Chicago condo on the north side (sorry, I don't know the Chicago neighborhoods as well as I should so that's as specific as I can get), let me know and I'll try to get you some detailed information about it. I've been there and know it's very nice and big inside and right across the street from a school. My purpose of bringing this up, however, is not to sell Katie's condo but to thank all of those who have made donations to the Dodd Family Fund recently. I don't know who all of you are, but Kelly and I are very grateful for your generosity and continued prayers.

Finally, I want to post a couple pictures of the kids we took recently. I thought they were funny and figured some of you might too. The first is Finn standing in his crib; he likes to stick out his tongue now for some reason. And the second is Regan after a morning session at the "Spa-'Brey" (Aubrey's room).



Mary M Clay said...


Thank you for posting the pictures...Finn is one of the cutest babies! This picture is definitely going up on my screen saver! :)
Tell Regan I love her make over as well. Her hair is fantastic. Can't wait to see visit Spa-Brey as well!
Thanks for the blog and I love you!

mka said...

That is such a fitting picture of Finn since the heading said, "More Snow". Very cute picture. Regan is also shining. Good job Aubrey. Love, Grandma Myrna

mka said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I love you all.

Katie Clancy said...

Hello! Jeff, are you sporting your mustard yellow sportcoat? You know, the one Century 21 agents wear? Thanks for the plug on the condo! Hopefully it will be ready soon. I would like to book an appt at SpaBREY next time I am in WI. How entreprenuerial of Aubrey! Talk soon - K

aubrey said...

Hey everyone!! this is aubrey. i would just like to let you know that i was the one who caught that adorable face Finn was making on camera!! lol :D
love love love,
aubrey kate (who loves godiva chocolate cheese cake)