Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Fourth Treatment Recap

Hi! I had my fourth (of four) antiCTLA-4 treatments yesterday. It went smoothly so there really isn't much more to say about it. I have to do some CT scans over the course of the next two weeks and then meet with my doctor in Chicago on February 22nd. That's when I'll learn whether the treatment worked, the extent to which it worked, and whether I will be continuing with the clinical trial or looking for something else. I also have MRI scans in the coming weeks and I meet with my neuro-oncologist and neurosurgeon in late February to find out what the brain mets are doing (hopefully nothing!). Needless to say, the prospect of getting so much information in the coming weeks has me feeling a little anxious. This is the first time I've asked the doctor for a prescription for medication that can help me sleep at night. I've been tossing and turning for several nights recently, and I know it's because I'm nervous about what the scan results will say.

My good friend, Tony Popanz, was my chauffeur this time around. Tony was one of my roommates when I studied in Ireland as a college student. He is also one of Aubrey's godfather, and Kelly and I are godparents for his daughters. Even though Tony has provided a lot of help to us in the past year, I really haven't been able to visit with him at length. Either I've felt too sick to be much of a party to the conversation or we have been preoccupied by babies. Our trip yesterday was a real blessing to me because it gave us the opportunity to shoot the breeze like a couple of old friends.

As if the day couldn't get any more enjoyable. I had a lengthy phone conversation with my Dad. My Mom was spending the night at my Grandpa and Grandma's, so Dad was batching it at home when I called to let him know how my treatment went. We ended up talking for nearly two hours. It was a real treat to get caught up in a long talk with my Dad. We used to do most of our talking while doing odd jobs together around the house or yard. I haven't been able to do many of those things since my craniotomy, and I've missed spending that time with him.

So all in all, a good day. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Katie Clancy said...

How nice to have an uneventful treatment, and even better to catch up with those close to you just like old times. We will be praying for the good test results you've been working for. Once the tests and discussions are over you can again get back to your routines and hopefully sleep better. It's no surprise all of this is affecting your sleep. Taking something to help will ensure you get the good rest you need. I enjoyed your last blog about the great neighbors you have. Would they like to help us too? Ed has snowblown our driveway 4 times in the last 2 days.. we're getting hit too. Both of our cars got stuck yesterday. Thinking of you. Take careKatie

Ann R said...

Jeff and family:
Hope and pray all goes well with your doctor visits. I will be thinking of you during the night when I get up that you are not sleeping and hoping for you to get better rest. I am keeping the faith that you will be getting good news. I am glad to hear you had a great talk with your Dad, I am sure he really enjoyed having the time to really have a good visit with you also. Your Dad is a great super guy.
Hoping and Praying for good results.
Your in my thoughts and prayers Ann Reins (Tracy Mom)

The Hutt Family said...

Jeff, Kelly and family,

It was so wonderful to see you all recently! We had such a great evening catching up with you. We will be hoping that all goes well in the upcoming weeks with all the test results coming back and will be anxiously following the blog. Ceci and Justin are already begging for Jack and Regan to come over to play soon so let me know if you would like some down time some weekend soon.

Love to you all,
The Hutts