Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who needs a mobile rack?

Hi! All's quiet on the Tosa front this week. I did my taxes--always a joy--and my annual office cleanout. In doing so, I came across a couple of mobile racks that I no longer need (my desktop PC, which has been modified and remodified countless times during the past six years finally kicked the bucket a few months ago and I'm just too lazy to try to revive it this time). A mobile rack, which is also known as a hard drive drawer or hard drive caddy, enables you to treat an internal hard drive like a portable device. They're useful for securing a drive while you're away from your computer, but also prove handy for moving multimedia files between two or more desktops. I'll gladly give one or both to anyone who wants them. Preference will be given to anyone who is willing to come pick them up! I also have a 15-inch CRT monitor, an ergonomic keyboard, several mice, a pair of desktop speakers, and other desktop computing goodies (all used but functioning) free for the taking as well. I foresee a low demand on these items so if you want them let me know ASAP; I plan on taking everything to the computer recycling center in a week or two. You can contact me by leaving a comment on this blog post or posting a guestbook entry at

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