Friday, February 23, 2007

Waiting For Kelly & The Kids

Hi all . . . Jeff here. I'm finally feeling up to some activity after fighting off a nasty bout of nausea earlier this week. As depressing as all this cancer business is, there's nothing that makes it more depressing than not being able to eat and feeling like you're going to be sick at any moment. It was a rather unpleasant several days. Fortunately, with the help of some antinausea drugs (Zofran and Compazine) I was able to beat back the ickiness and start to get back to some regular meals. Thank God for applesauce, jello, apple juice, 7-up, and--believe it or not--Eggo waffles. I've heard from other cancer patients who've said they could only eat White Castle Hamburgers or french fries when they're sick. It sounded strange, but I suppose everyone has one food that will stay down no matter what. It appears for me that food is a frozen waffle with syrup. It could be much worse!

Anyway, after eating several of these waffles this morning, we've come down to the computer lab while we wait for Kelly and the kids to get here. They're coming in this afternoon and I can't wait to see them. The more time I'm down here, the more I miss the daily routine of life in Wauwatosa. I wish I could get up and make breakfast for the kids, watch them run off to school, even fight with them at bedtime to get them to go to sleep. I'm trying to stay positive about how much time is left (a glass-half-full-rather-than-empty thing) but still it gets lonely down here.

Having said that, I want to send out a big thanks to my good friend, Tony Popanz, and his wife CeeCee, who added two days to a recent trip to Texas to stop by Houston and say hi. I was feeling utterly miserable the day they came, but it was still so good to see familiar faces. They also brought along all sorts of games and candy for when the kids get here, so Thanks to them for that too. And, of course, a huge THANK YOU to all of you for the constant notes of encouragement and the steady stream of prayers. I can't thank you enough.



The Hutt Family said...

Hi Dodds,

Just want you to know we check your blog daily and have been praying for you every day. In fact, Justin always adds at the end of our mealtime prayer, "And we especially pray for strength for the Dodds" before anyone can get a word in edgewise. Also, most of the St. Monica school is also praying for you all. Have a wonderful visit. We were sorry to miss you last week, Kelly, when we dropped dinner off. A big hug to you all!
Love, The Hutts

gardiner said...

Jeff, great to hear from you. We're happy to hear you're feeling better. We know a visit with Kelly and the kids will make you feel even better! Have a great time and we'll be thinking of you all. Love, the Gardiners.

Katie Clancy said...

Jeff, congrats on putting another round behind you and getting past the nausea. Who would have thought eggo waffles would be the food that stays down! I bet Kelly and the kids are there now. The weather's been decent so no delays are expected. I hope the weather there is nice and that you're able to enjoy your time with the kids and have a great time catching up. Thinking of you and all the family. Lots of love and prayers, Katie

Michelle & Jeff said...

Hey Jeff and all,
Hope you are having a fun-filled weekend together. I'm thinking and praying for you all. Love you so much!

Patrick and Tracy said...

Hey Family= Thought this would work the best to email everyone at once. Well we made it to Italy okay after almost nearly 16 hours of back to back to back flying. About half of our luggage made it and half didnt. It should be there when we get back to the hotel this afternoon so keep your fingers crossed. We dont have internet in our rooms this time so will have to email when we get to town and find an internet center. It shouldnt be a prĂ²blem but wont be able to check as often as we would like to. We made it here and thats whats important, so once we can figure out the phone situation here we will call. Ciao for now and hope you are all well. Glad we have this blog to communicate with. Love you all=
Patrick and Tracy

Nicole said...

Hi Jeff & Kelly,

I haven't posted until now, but the Dodd Squad's blog is one of my top websites. I check in all the time. Jeff, glad to hear that you are feeling a little better and are enjoying the waffles! Kelly, your updates on a tough situation manage to be really entertaining. You're both great writers. Brian and I are keeping you and your family in our prayers and wishing you all the best. --Nicki Emer

Michelle & Jeff said...

I'll be thinking of you and praying extra hard tomorrow (the 27th). I love ya Jeff! Hope to see you soon big brother.

Jerry and Lu Olmsted said...

Dear Jeff: Hope this past weekend with the family was the greatest. You and your family are our top prayer priority every day. Positive thoughts and love coming your way. Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lu

Michelle & Jeff said...

Pat and Tracy,
So glad you made it to Italy alright. Hope your luggage has arrived by the time you read this. I already miss you guys!
To the rest of my's only a matter of hours til I'll be touching solid ground. i'm so excited to see each and every one of you. Love you!

Mary M Clay said...


It was great to talk to you yesterday! We are praying extra hard over the next few days.

Pat and Tracy: So glad to hear you made it to Italy OK...even without your luggage! Enjoy all the wonderful wine and food! I cant wait to hear about it.

Michelle: I cant wait to see you! Glad you and Jeff made it off the boat OK. I know Dad is extremely excited to pick you up from the airport. I look forward to seeing you in Milwaukee!!

I love and miss you all!

Patrick and Tracy said...

Jeff, We will be praying hard for great test results. Hope you and Kelly and the kids had a great weekend. We were thinking of you guys the whole time. We will talk to you all soon.
Mom and Dad, everything is going well here. Everyone got their luggage last nite, so don't have to worry about that anymore. The weather is amazing for this time of year - Sunny and 50 degrees. Beautiful. Eating a lot of pizza and pastas, drinking a lot of cappucinos, everything we need to stay trim and fit, Ha ha. Can't wait to call home. Love you all- Patrick and Tracy