Friday, February 9, 2007

Cycle Two, Day Two

So, maybe hair is overrated. Jeff's is starting to fall out, but fortunately his hair is so incredibly thick that I don't think anyone will notice. Not yet, anyway. He doesn't seem to be down about it at all. Maybe it's because he is strengthened and encouraged by the brave example Pedro set with his wig in the movie Napoleon Dynomite! Ha! I offered to find Jeff a similarly stylish hairpiece, but he firmly and definitively told me "No thanks." Jeff, my offer stands if you should happen to reconsider. Otherwise, Pat, it might be time for you to start working on the first-ever "Locks of Love" fashioned from back hair!

In the meantime, Jeff continues to march through his second dose of chemo. Tonight began the second dose of Cycle Two. He's been faring so much better this time around. He hasn't been nearly as wiped out by the anti-nausea drugs. The only side-effect that has been worse, so far, are the chills that come when they induce his fever. The shaking has been more pronounced but, again, he has rejected medication that would alleviate it. And then he wrestled a shark with his bare hands and carried six grown men up eighteen flights of stairs--all while tethered to his IV pole! Ok, I made that last part up--but the point is, he is incredibly tough and is making something that is both backbreaking and heartbreaking look easy. He did eat and drink well today (he's still only up for applesauce and orange juice), and he took two walks around the hospital floor. He even opened his own mail today (Thanks for the cookies, Jill!). He really likes to get cards and letters--and it's so important when he is far away from home.

What makes me especially proud of him is knowing that even though he's here in Houston and the kids are in Milwaukee, he is still parenting them just as well as always through his courage and example and I know that as they get older and reflect on this experience they will appreciate him even more than they do now.

I'll report again tomorrow, but tonight's entry is short because, thankfully, Jeff isn't giving me a whole lot of material to work with--no exciting side-effects; no mad-cap antics; all is going well.

Your prayers continue to work for us! Keep it up!

Much love,


Michelle & Jeff said...

Kelly - I check this blog numerous times daily because I know you'll always throw a bit of humor in somewhere. You are so clever! You truly are a huge dose of sunshine in this whole ordeal.
Jeff - It sounds like things are going better this time around -- I'm sure it still can't be easy. You are such a strong and courageous person - both of you are. I know who I'm turning to for encouragement when I have to experience something traumatic. Keep up the strength, big brother. I love you both!

Rita said...

Dear Jeff
Rick says if you lose too much hair you can always wear the ND beanie. He thinks it has magic powers. We hope things continue to go well for both of you and continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers always. We love you Dad and Rita

Scott_Monica1981 said...

Jeff & Kelly,
I found this web site a short time ago, a catholic doctor from K.C. put it together. It might be a source of interest or inspiration for you! Hope all continues to go well for you! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. I believe Kelly may have missed her calling... stand up comedy should be in her future!

Love & prayers,

Scott & Monica

cc&tony said...

Jeff and Kelly,

We're glued to this update blog daily, and want you to know you're constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Kelly, your love for Jeff and your family and brilliant sense of humor are potent antidotes for these difficult times. Jeff, your determination and resolve will continue to give you the best odds of a 100% recovery, even more so than the best medical expertise the world can provide (which you already have, of course). We look forward to seeing you about a week after you come out of this latest round (we'll only visit to whatever extent you can because you'll need your strength going into your next round).

Love always,
Tony and CeeCee