Thursday, February 8, 2007

"Let's Get This Party Started!"

That's what Jeff said as we were checking into the hospital last night. After a quick appointment with Dr. Legha, Jeff was eager to start the Second Cycle of treatment. Dr. Legha was impressed by Jeff's recovery between sessions and he was happy to hear that the kids came to visit him. Dr. Legha had another doctor visiting him from Italy, and as he checked Jeff over, he explained to the Italian doctor that Jeff's "subcutaneous nodules" are "very small" and that the lesions on his liver and near his kidney are also "quite small." So, we were encouraged to hear him talk about Jeff's disease in those terms. We're constantly grateful that even though Jeff's cancer is advanced and has spread (thereby making him "Stage IV"), the evidence of the disease is "small." We are hoping this translates into a better prognosis. Only time will tell . . .

We checked into the hospital for Round Two last night around 5:00 p.m. Jeff ate a big dinner from Subway and was back on the chemo by 9:30 p.m. last night. He slept well despite the constant interruption of nurses who came into the room to start his various drugs and take vital signs, etc. He has slept a lot today, but has also had periods of lucidity and alertness (unlike last time when he was basically comotose for the first two days!). I read his blog comments and website guestbook entries to him. They really make his day! He's now done with Day One of chemo and will start-up again tonight.

In the meantime, he's been able to drink a lot (which is good), but doesn't have much of an appetite. On the other hand, the Baby and I ate a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit from McDonald's this morning. :-) The Baby has been working it off all morning in a series of enthusiastic tumbles and rolls. This is easily the squirmiest baby we've had. (Aubrey, you are now a distant second!) I'm holding onto an irrational hope that all of this movement now will wear him out later so that he'll be docile and sleepy when he's born. I'm sure it's just the opposite. Oh well, being in the hospital with Jeff is great conditioning for the constant interruptions to sleep that the Baby will provide. And considering that the Baby's birth will mean an end to the terrible morning (noon and night) sickness I've been having, I actually look foward to it. I'd rather be tired than queasy any day! For those of you who don't know, I am one of the few and the proud who suffers from terrible, terrible morning sickness. And it lasts well beyond the first tri-mester--usually for a full six or seven months. This baby has really been something special in this regard. I was sick with all the other kids, but he has really outdone them! Jeff and I were even on the same anti-nausea medication for a while (Zofran). Awww. Isn't that sweet? :-) But, I haven't thrown-up since I've been in Houston, so that's good! OK, I'm going to change the subject before I gross everybody out!

Good Luck to Aubrey Kate who is auditioning for the middle school musical (The Wizard of Oz) tonight! She sang her audition song to me and Jeff while she was in Houston last week and she blew us away! We are very proud of her!

I'll post another update later. Until then, take care and thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers!



Michelle & Jeff said...

Hi Kelly and Jeff! Thanks so much for sharing the news about the Baby. I'm so excited for his arrival! It's great to hear the words from Dr. Legha. He sounds so positive. Jeff, keep up the fierce fighting. We're all battling through this with you! Kelly, you amaze me! I can't wait to see you both soon. Keep strong. We're still praying hard!
Love you both,

Aubrey - Have a great audition. You're going to blow them away! I love you!
Aunt Michelle

The Hutt Family said...

Hello Dodds,

Keep the battle raging! You both are absolutely amazing!!! Kelly, we're glad you and baby are doing well and hopefully are nearing the end of your sickness. Jeff, keep focused on the prize as you undergo this next round of therapy. Good luck!
The Hutts

mphaley said...

Great news to hear that Jeff is not completely comatose this time around. We pray for both of you often. Keep strong and know that the Lord has amazing plans for you! It's been a blessing to hear your stories day after day and we look forward to seeing you back in Nebraska before too long. God bless.

Mike & Laura Haley

Steel said...

Keep it up... the both of you. Nobody has stopped praying and hoping for you guys, and we won't.

Roop Group said...

Jeff & Kelly
Keep up the good work both of you. Kelly sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with morning sickness. Anna can relate and I am real glad she is over it. NO SICK No Sick, as Evan keeps saying to us all. We will never give up on you guys and expect you to do the same!!! You are thought of constantly these days and appreciate more than you can know your making the effort to do the BLOG (even if us older generation aren't as computer literate) We are expecting that miracle and can't wait for the baby to get here! I have not counted how many Dodd grandchildren there are anymore but there is an exercise for some afternoon for the two of you. Your Dad couldn't name all his (or count) nieces and nephews when he was asked once. Love to you both and we are constantly praying for you both. JR & MB

Jim said...

Hello, sounds like things are finally taking a turn for the better. Keep up the posititve attitude and I'll enlighten you with some current news: First, John is absolutely thrill about little Ella. He is also thrilled that silver surfer is appearing in Fantastic 4 part 2 with his "Powers Cosmic" (Not Cosmic Powers, he'll correct you on that one). I'm wanting to watch a few new movies myself, those being: Reno 911 the movie, 300, and Ghost Rider. Amy is doing fine, she made me a mandarin orange cake for my birthday, it was the first time for a cake like that and it was good. Ashton had a field trip at school to Burger King and the Wildlife Refuge, he said that there were alot of dead animals that were stuffed in the building and he saw a snake and an egg hatch (the hatched creature was a hawk). He still loves candy, toys of all kinds, and Ben 10. I have a 5k race tomorrow on saturday, it's in Nashville. There is around 2,200 entrants. I was hoping for it to be smaller so that I might have a chance at placing in my age group, but I'll try anyway. Later that night there is a Predators vs LA Kings game we will watch, it should be fun. And last but not least, I bought a new vehicle. It's a Honda Element. I don't care what anyone says, it's what I wanted so I got one, so there! Talk to ya'll later.
Love, Jim Amy Ashton Ikey Peanut

Cathy said...

Jeff & Kelly,
Glad to hear Jeff has settled in for round 2 and handled the first day's treatment much better than before. Keeping you in my prayers for continued success in killing those cancer cells! Kelly, sorry to hear you have such bad morning sickness, hoping that gets much better for you soon as well! Cathy Connors

Patricia said...

Jeff and Kelly-
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I too have been following the updates that you post on this BLOG. You are doing such a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed! Your strength and high spirits are truely inspirational! Keep on fighting!
We will continue to pray for you and for your whole family.
God Bless,
Patricia Hrnchir(Patti Dailey) and family

Katie Clancy said...

Great news! Keep up the good work and strength to both of you. I hope the nausea subsides for you both as well. Now that's sympathy pains on both sides! Glad to hear about the shrinking lesions. Stay strong and take good care! Love, K

Amy said...

Hello Jeff and Kelly!

Glad round 2 is off to a good start. Keep your dukes up, Jeff - and you too, Kelly. You've got a lot of people cheering for you!

Sending as many prayers as I can! When I told my ND roomies that Jeff needed some prayers, they all began to "shake down the thunder" It has never been forgotten that Jeff is the one who convinced me that ND was the school for me. That certainly changed my life and sent ripples through quite a few others as well. We're doing our best to send a tidal wave of prayers back in your direction.

Love and prayers,

Amy Schulte

Terri said...

Yes, it's great to hear all the good news. You are really a trooper Jeff (and Kelly). Just think a few short months and thiss will be behind you. you can be back home and into your old routine in no time. thanks for the updates. We love you.
Also, good luck too Aubrey!
Love terri

Emily said...

Go Jeff! My mom and sister are in town and we are all checking your progress and pulling for you! Mom was in tears when I updated her on the encouraging news. Hi to all of your family, mom and dad too!
Rob, Emily, Ian and Madsey Broyles
Crestview, FL