Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Waiting . . .

Kelly here. The kids went home with Mary yesterday. Snow in Chicago delayed their plane for almost two hours, but they made it safely home. Thank you, Tony, for braving the elements to pick everyone up at the airport! We had a great time with the kids. The weather was beautiful in Houston, so they enjoyed running around the pool and sitting in the cabanas at the apartment complex. Aubrey spent most of the weekend working on projects from a cool fashion design book that my friends at work gave to her. So, Regan spent most of her weekend begging to use Aubrey's fashion design book and lamenting Aubrey's miserly tendencies. Jack spent the weekend in his underpants and Spiderman gloves galloping from room to room on all fours. (Don't ask).

Today Jeff and I spent all day at various doctors appointments. Jeff had his PET scan and CT scan. He also had some blood tests and had the dressings changed on his Groschong catheter. We won't know the results of the BIG scans until Thursday at our appointment with Dr. Legha, but we were informed today that the blood tests came back "good." Also, Dr. Legha's assistant said that she already made arrangements for Jeff to check into the hospital for Cycle Three of biochemo on March first, so we are glad that the doctor is proceeding with optimism. Remember, the results of these scans will determine whether Jeff gets to continue with his biochemo regimen or if he has to abandon the protocol. So far, all indications are that the treatment is working and he will be allowed to continue. However, there is a possibility that it is not, so we are very anxious about the test results. Jeff has been collected and resolute about the whole thing. I have to admit--I've been very nervous. We have a euphemism where I come from about the digestion and ultimate disposition of some "bricks" that more accurately describes my sentiments, but it is not fit for publication here. (Tee hee!).

So, we will update all of you as soon as the test results are available. In the meantime, it's time to really turn up the heat and pray hard for good scans and that Jeff can continue his treatment. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for continuing to check-in on the blog and for your consistent interest in Jeff's progress. It's great to know that you are all looking out for us.



mphaley said...

We're pulling hard for you! Both of you have been so great to share your story with all of us...may God bless your continued treatment.

Mike, Laura & Amelia Haley

Emily said...

Glad to hear you all had such a great visit! We think of you so often, especially on mornings we give the kids toaster waffles. We continue to pray for successful treatments. Blessings!, Rob, Emily, Ian and Madsey Broyles

Katie Clancy said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all in Houston. Glad to hear it. A dose of family, fun and nice weather helped everyone's spirits, I am sure. We will all be praying hard and steady for Thursday's news. Its easier to be optimistic with all the good reports the doctor has given thus far, and remember how much Jeff's tumors have already shrunk just to the naked eye! All of both of your hard work will pay off, and I know you've been getting so many prayers. There's a lot to be positive about. All of your friends and family love you very much and are pulling for you. Hang in there, and I will be checking the internet 100 times Thurs until we see the good news. Lots of love. Katie

Mary H. Dodd said...

Dear Jeff and Kelly,
The girls are off to school and Jack's playing with his legos and power rangers. We are anxiously awaiting Gary and Michelle's arrival later today. Michelle called at 11:30 last night and said she was at home and her and Dad would leave this morning to drive up. It will be wonderful to have them here. Mary Margaret is driving up on Thursday. Yeah! I hope you two can have a good day and nap too. Add a few pounds today, Jeff. So glad you are going to Jerry and Margaret's later today. They are such loving, generous people. It will be good to be with them. Thank you Jerry and Margaret. Big thanks to Tony for the pick-up and drive back from Chicago. Good to talk and not have to drive. God bless you. We are praying hard up here--you taught these three kids how to pray and they are doing their best. I still don't have the St. Jude prayer memorized and they just lead me along. Have a good day. Pat and Tracy, so glad you made it safely. If anything is going to get lost, glad it's the luggage. It's been wonderful to get your emails. I will put Dad on the computer when he arrives, so he can read all your posts. Everybody take care. Thank you so much family and friends for reaching out to Gary. It has made a world of difference. Nothing like home cooked meals. Thank you so much Kathie and Jeannie. Rod and Joyce your visits mean so much to Gary.
Thank you all for the phone calls. They really are a big support. We feel your prayers working. Thank you so much. Love and prayers, Mom, Mary

Laura Gilbert said...

Jeff/Kelly -- I'm saying extra prayers tonight and sending extra good vibes your way. I have a good feeling about tomorrow. Love, Laura Gilbert

teasley_5 said...

We are praying hard for you guys and keeping you close in our thoughts. So glad the kids could come visit you again. I'm sure having the kids around really takes your mind off things and helps you relax. Tomorrow is sure to bring wonderful news!!
Sending love and continued prayers your way!!
Jason, Chanda, Alex, Noah & Bailey Teasley

Michelle & Jeff said...

Thinking of you and praying,praying,praying. Love you both.

Steel said...

C'mon Jeff!!!

Rita said...

Dear Jeff and Kelly
We are anxiously awaiting good news.
Take care and remember how many people are praying for you both.
We love you Dad and Rita