Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just a Quick Update

Hi All:

Jeff was finally discharged from the hospital today, so we are back at the apartment with limited internet access. Jeff had hoped to go home yesterday, but his white blood counts were too low (1,200). However, after only one Neupogen shot, they went back up to 6,300 today. He seems to be better overall at this point than he was last time. He has blood tests again on both Thursday and Friday and a follow-up appointment with Dr. Legha on Friday, as well.

Dr. Legha has been out of town since Monday, so his colleague, Dr. Kamble, has been checking on Jeff. Dr. Kamble, too, reiterated Dr. Legha's sentiments when he said that Jeff has been doing very well. In addition to being an oncologist, Dr. Kamble is also a hemotologist and has a specialized interest in stem cell and cord blood research. We asked Dr. Kamble if he recommended saving the baby's cord blood and whether it might not be beneficial at some point in Jeff's treatment. He explained that stem cell transplants have been unsuccessful in Melanoma patients, but that he wants to think about the cord blood issue and get back to us. He was very intrigued by our question and was hesitant to answer it without doing a little research. So, maybe I'm incubating Jeff's cure as we speak! Dr. Kamble said that because I am pregnant, we have a "unique opportunity that doesn't present itself everyday" so it will be interesting to hear what he thinks after he looks into the issue.

In the meantime, we continue to hope that Dr. Legha's bio-chemo regimen will do the trick and result in a complete and durable remission. Please keep praying for that.

I will be returning home to Milwaukee on Thursday to spend a week with the kids and Mary will be coming to Houston tomorrow for a care-taking shift. Jeff's an easy patient, so I'm sure it will be a nice reprieve from the kids' busy schedules. I'm excited that my mom will be coming to Milwaukee to help me on Friday. She'll stay through next week. After that, I'll likely bring the kids to Houston for another visit and beyond that, who knows. Right now I'm just happy that we've successfully managed one week at a time. Looking ahead to March or April seems like forever!

So, Jeff is now officially in "recovery mode" again--no fresh fruits/vegetables, plants, or flowers and he's taking it easy--gently nursing and encouraging his compromised immune system. I'll continue to keep you all posted from Milwaukee. In the meantime, thank you all for your continued interest and support. It, more than anything, is what keeps Jeff going.



Katie Clancy said...

Congrats on finishing round #2. Sounds as if things went very well. Jeff, eat a lot now and recover well! I hope the 2nd doc comes up with some good ideas for the cord. It's like having a second opinion and another doc to brainstorm with! Keep us posted. Lots of love

teasley_5 said...

So glad to hear all of the great news! Jeff, you just keep fighting and we keep praying and it all seems to be working. Kelly, we love your sense of humor! It really puts a nice spin on things. We hope your recovery goes as well as last time. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!
The Teasley's

Patrick and Tracy said...

Jeff and Kelly-
"I love technology/ I love you more you see/ but I still love technology". Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Glad you are out of the hospital. Two successful treatments down. Have a good recovery Jeff, and Kelly have a good flight home. Mom (Mary) have a good flight to Houston. Happy Valentine's Day to you all. We'll talk soon-
Love, Patrick and Tracy

Ann R said...

Happy Valentines Day !
Hope all is going well and you are settled back into your apartment resting from the long week. Sounds like things went pretty well this round our is it that you are just getting tougher each time ? Just wanted to say hi and say you have shown me and I am sure others what strong will and great love and faith can accomplish.
Have a great V-Day.
Ann Reins from Omaha

jjschuster said...

Jeff - glad to hear the treatment is working. Even though it sounds like the treatments are very tough and take a lot out of you, they are worth it, as you are getting better. All those prayers are working. I think you'll beat my hospital stay record (3.5 weeks) when you're done. Not that it's a great record to have by the way. I have been taken off my blood thinners, so hopefully I'm getting better too (from my blood cots and pulmonary embolisms last August).

Kelly - Anna can sympathize with you. She was sick (morning, noon and night) for all nine months and had to take Zofran too. She's very happy to be over that.

We'll keep the prayers coming your way. Thank you for the blog so that we can keep up on your treatments and know that you are getting better.

Happy Valentine's Day!

gardiner said...

Hello there! It is great to hear how well you're cruising along - finished now with round 2. Wonderful news!!!!!!
Jeff, I've always thought of you as one of the most disciplined people I know (remember that case of Guinness that lasted an entire semester?:)) Well, I think that same discipline keeps your mind focused on beating this and keeping a positive mindset....
Also, wanted to let you know I spoke with my aunt Sr. Charlotte Gould tonight (she called for Grace's birthday). She and the nuns she lives and works with pray daily for you, and also pray for the intercession of Pope JPII.
Know we continue to pray for your strength in body, mind, and spirit.
Special hugs for Kelly! Our love, Meaghen, Brendan, Grace, Clare.

Ron & Mary said...

It's so nice to hear all this good news! I talked to Sister Marilyn this morning and the church continues to keep you in their prayers and now have added Uncle Larry. With all the love and support and many prayers going in the family things will definately turn to the brighter side. We continue to pray for you both and we know you'll be in great hands this week with your Mom. We're sure she'll help you gain plenty of weight with good home cooked meals made with lots of love.
Love, Ron, Mary, Kelsie, Leslie

Roop Group said...

read this to Gary tonight. He misses everyone and we are all sending love and prayers. Be safe you travelers.

Roop Group said...

We read the blog to Gary tonight. He misses everyone!! Be safe you travelers. God works in mysterious ways so how do we as mere mortals know what is possible. Stem cell research is fascinating!! Mary, keep up your strength and Kelly you too!!! Love to you all. Keep up the great work Jeff -- Praying and knowing that miracles do happen.

Terri said...

Jeff- you may not remember me but I'm a fellow Domer and met you at some of the ND Club of Milwaukee events a few years back (I'm the one who played professional golf if that helps jog your memory at all :) Anyway, I just wanted to pass along my prayers to you for a full and speedy recovery. My mother was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer a few years ago during my jr. year at ND and I feel as though I am reliving all her treatments as I read your blog. Strong faith and a deep love of family got us through the ordeal and I pray that this will help you too. God bless you and your family!

Terri Taibl ND'03

Michelle & Jeff said...

Hey Jeff! All the news is sounding great! I hope your recovery is going well. I'm thinking about you all the time. The new cast signed on this week. It's been a bit hectic but very fun. Jeff and I did our last performance of "Standing Room Only" a couple nights ago. We've got two more production show nights between this week and next week and then we are officially done with this contract! YAY! (Not that I'm excited or anything?!?!?!) We'll be in San Diego on Monday, so I'll be sure to give you a call on your new cell phone. Mom and Kelly, I hope you had safe travels. Looking forward to talking with you all in a couple days. I love and miss you! Jeff and I are still praying hard everyday.