Monday, February 19, 2007

Rest and Recovery

Hi All:

Jeff's been feeling terrible the past few days and I was just about to admonish anyone who's been slacking on their prayer duties, but he had a surprisingly good blood test today, so you're all off the hook! There. Break's over-now get back to prayin.' Ha!

Unfortunately, Jeff has recently been experiencing some of the more distasteful side effects he managed to dodge during the last round. The worst of it has been the nausea and throwing up. He's lost a lot of weight (he's down from 155 lbs. to 138 lbs.!), but he has nine or ten days before he starts the next cycle, so that's plenty of time to fatten up and regain his strength. He's been completely exhausted and has slept for most of the past two days. He was pretty sure today's blood tests were going to come back "too low" given how bad he feels, so he was pleasantly surprised to find out that his white blood counts had returned to the normal range and he could stop taking the Neupogen shots. In the meantime though, he continues to feel nauseous and exhausted and I continue to wonder if he might not be PREGNANT (his symptoms are suspiciously familiar . . .).

Speaking of being pregnant, the baby and I had his routine monthly check-up today. Dr. Lee said that he's doing fine--he has a strong heart beat and is moving a lot. I really hope that Jeff is able to be there when the baby is born. However, I also hope that he gets to stay in Houston to complete the full six cycles of bio-chemo and I realize that those two hopes may create a conflict. The baby is due May 22nd and Jeff's last treatment cycle will likely end either a few days before that or a few days after that. Most importantly, please pray that Jeff's upcoming scans show "substantial reduction" of the tumors and that the treatments are working. I'd much rather have him stay in Houston and get well!

In the meantime, Jeff will hopefully receive an emotional boost from seeing the kids again soon. I will be taking them back down to Houston from the 23rd through the 26th for another visit. They are very excited to see their Dad. They mark time in relation to when they will see him again ("That's the day before we see Daddy" or "We get to do that two days after we see Dad."). They are trying very hard to be good and to adjust to all the changes and disruption to their routines. I'm very glad they have each other right now--that's been their one constant through all this.

Well, I'll continue to keep everyone updated as information becomes available to me. Jeff has been too tired to talk on the phone, so there hasn't been much to report. Right now, he is focused on rest and recovery. Pray that he gets both in abundance!



Rita said...

We will continue to pray diligently for his complete recovery. It breaks my heart what you are all going through. I will also continue to ask for prayer support from friends and family. Take care and give the kids and Jeff the next time you see him a hug from you dad and me. Take care. Love ya Rita

Patrick and Tracy said...

Great news on the blood count Jeff. Keep it up. God is answering all our prayers and He will keep on answering them. Hope you had a nice visit with Tony and his wife. It had to be nice to see friends. This is our last week in LA. We fly to Italy on Sat. so we are preparing ourselves for the 11 hour cramp, er, I mean flight.
We'll call before we take off Jeff-
Patrick and Tracy

Tim said...

Kelly and Jeff,

Just want you to know that the prayers that are being said for you and your family don’t just stop with those people that you know well. I doubt you remember me, but I met you both once at Mary and Bryan's house. Every since I heard what was going on you both have been in my prayers every day twice a day. I wish you all the best and I know that you will have no problem beating this thing. All the best from up here in Fort Worth.

Your friend,


Katie Clancy said...

Great news that Jeff's rebounding and entering the rest cycle once again. I am sorry to hear he is having some symptoms of the chemo now. They will pass soon. Things will all work out with the baby's birth and Jeff finishing treatment and coordinating it all on time. Any more thoughts on delivering in Houston? We're all praying for speedy recovery and that the treatment is strangling those tumors. Take care and stay strong!

Ann R said...

Hello from the Midwest,
It has finally warmed up here been really cold for a long time. It is up in the 40's this week a heat wave. Glad to hear about your blood count. And God Speed in getting through all the other treatments with out all the bad side effects. I am praying for you daily. We just found out my father has lung cancer just found out a week ago Wed. he is in Lincoln today with doctors making plans for his recovery. Have a great visit with the children and say hello to everyone.
Omaha NE
Ann Reins

Michelle & Jeff said...

Jeff and Kelly,
We are praying constantly for your rest and recovery and for all of you and Aubrey, Regan, Jack, and Baby Boy. Hate to hear about the side effects...maybe feeling crappy now will mean feeling incredibly better later. The news about the blood count is fantastic! Jeff, you are such a fighter! We will keep praying about the scan. I can't help but have an extra strong sense of a good report coming your way. Keep remembering all of the people who are praying for your recovery endlessly. We love you so much! We've got exactly one week to go on the ship. We're both really looking forward to getting home. Love and miss you,
Jeff and Michelle

ps - Mom and Dad,
Thinking of you both lots! I love you very much and CAN'T WAIT to see you SOON!

Rod & Joyce said...

Daily prayers are for EACH of you in the family. It has to be difficult for you Jeff at this time, while you're so sick, but keep your strength and know that you are touching the lives of everyone that knows you or hears about you. We pray for complete healing. Keep the humor coming, Kelly! Hugs (everyone needs at least one a day). Rod & Joyce