Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Welcome to Houston!

We made it to Houston! We flew out of Chicago yesterday afternoon after some hard goodbyes to the kids. Thank you, Mary Margaret for giving us a ride to O'Hare! It was snowing in Wisconsin when we left and planes in and out of Houston were delayed or cancelled due to "terrible" weather in Houston. Although we arrived substantially late, we were happy to be one of the planes that made it into Houston International Airport. We were actually entertained to learn that in Houston "terrible" weather consists of 35 degree temperatures with a threat of rain. The roads were dry, yet offices closed early, schools were closed, and people stocked up at the grocery store in anticipation of being stranded by the storm! This morning it is 32 degrees, and our hosts, Kevin and Melissa, advised us to call the hospital to make sure that Jeff's appointments will not be cancelled due to the weather. Jeff has two appointments today: one at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where he will meet his new oncologist and one with a different oncologist at St. Luke's medical center. We have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Anderson Center and are both eager and nervous to hear what they have to tell us. We'll update you again tonight after the meetings. Until then . . .thank you to our very generous hosts, Kevin, Melissa, and Trey Gardner. Kevin was Jeff's roommate at Notre Dame and was a groomsman at our wedding. It's been great to see him again. He's always good for a laugh which is definitely what we need right now. Thanks for everything, Gardners!


April said...

Dodd Squad,
Lots of prayers from KC coming to the Dodd Squad. God's blessings to you guys.

April Reins

Wendy/P&S said...

Kelly & Jeff,

What a GREAT way to keep everyone informed.

Prayers and positive energy are in abundance for you.


Terri said...

Hey guys, can't wait to hear the latest news. I hope it's great news. I also heard a quote from John who heard it from an old strange man at Barns N' Nobles. He said, "Everyday is a good day some are just better than others." Hope this helps to keep your spirits up. Thanks for the updates and call if you need to let it out.

Patrick and Tracy said...

Jeff and Kelly,

Glad you made it into Houston. I hope you remembered your Parkas and your snowshoes. The weather sounds crazy. How are you coping? 35 degrees and rain? Ha.
We're praying hard guys, praying hard. We'll talk to you both soon-
Love, Patrick and Tracy

Patrick and Tracy said...

Aubrey, Regan, Jack, Grandma Mary (Mom) and Grandpa Gary (Dad)-

Praying for all of you in Milwaukee. Hope to see you all soon- we're working on it. We'll talk to you soon-
Love, Patrick and Tracy

Little_Wilkins said...

Our prayers and high hopes are with you and your family! Lots of love from Lincoln...
-Annie and the rest of the Wilkins clan

Michelle & Jeff said...

Jeff and Kelly,
Thinking of you and praying for you constantly.
We love you both!
Michelle and Jeff

teasley_5 said...

We are glad you arrived in Houston OK. We are praying for you guys. If you need anything Altamont isn't that far away.

Love & Prayers
Jason, Chanda, Alex, Noah, & Bailey

aubrey kate said...

Hi mom and dad! How's Houston. Just wanted to say hi and i was wondering how your first appointment today went. We are watching American Idol tonight so when we talk to you we'll tell you if this season will be good. Everybody at the house is praying for you.
Lot's of love,

Tonyn'CC said...

Jeff & Kelly,

We're very happy and relieved you got there in time for your appointments. So glad you're under the Gardners' roof. Give Kev my best.

You're both in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Look forward to hearing more whenever possible. Setting up this blog was an ingenious idea.

Best always,

mka said...

I'm glad you made it to Houston ok. I saw all the ice storms and power outages on TV. Phyllis Schulz got killed this morning in a pickup crash near Dennis's house. I thought you might like to know. I'm sending a card, and told the other kids. I hope you get good news today and tomorrow. Love, Mom

mka said...

I just thought I would tell you that your blog scolded me. First it said I had the wrong password. Then next it told me I was posting as mka. I typed in my email address instead of mka. I'll learn how to finangle this computer stuff yet. (I'm from Nebraska, yee-haw.)

Katie Clancy said...

Hello! Hope all went well today. Thinking of you.
Everyone - check out www.doddfamilyfund.com for more info on Dodds....
Love, KC

Cathy said...

Jeff and Kelly,

Glad you made it to Houston, delays and all. My flight back from Dallas was also delayed, but not nearly as long as yours. I hope all your appointments today went well and were filled with good news. The whole ND Alumni family in Houston is praying for you, and here for you to lean on, whatever your needs may be. You have my number, please use it if you need ANYTHING as all, any time day or night.

Cathy Connors
ND Club of Houston

Patrick and Tracy said...

Hey guys,

Just sending a "thinking of you". All of Hollywood is praying with you. I think Tom Cruise is rallying the troops over at Scientology. GO ALIENS!!!

Laughter is the best medicine right? We love you both-
Patrick and Tracy

Rod & Joyce & Family said...

Dear Jeff, Kellie and Entire Family: We have requested masses at our parish. I will be contacting the Servites here in Omaha for masses and prayers of the Community and the intersession of St. Perigrine. We are also thankfully using the beautiful prayer for John Paul II's intersession. Our hearts and thoughts are constantly with you and the best medical team in the world! Love & Prayers, Rod & Joyce

Mary Beth Hughes said...

Jeff and family: Please know that Kevin and I, as well as the Steiner family, are saying lots of Irish prayers for you. God bless! Mary Beth Hughes