Sunday, January 21, 2007

Almost There!

Hi All!

We had a great day today. Things seem to have gotten easier day by day. Although Jeff didn't sleep well last night, he woke up around 7 a.m. this morning and watched mass on T.V. Ironically, it was a live broadcast from the Basilica at Notre Dame. I took it as a good sign (which I look for everywhere and in everything these days!). He took a nap and a shower and then decided he felt well-enough to go downstairs to the hospital chapel for "real" mass. This is no small feat considering he has to haul around 6 or 7 IV bags and a big IV stand/cart everywhere he goes. So, he took an elevator ride today and walked all the way to the chapel. He did a great job, but was exhausted when he got back to the room. However, he kept himself awake with hope that he would be sleepy tonight and not have a reprise of last night's wakefulness.

He talked to his Mom and Dad on the phone and we talked to the kids. Sounds like Aubrey and Regan are knitting up a storm. Way to go, Girls! Keep up the great work! After that, Jeff felt good enough to check his own messages and was very excited to read all of your comments and e-mails! Keep'em coming! He also watched part of the Chicago/New Orleans football game. Then, Dr. Legha stopped by to check-on Jeff and declared that he is doing great and has had "a very easy time of it." I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to Jeff, but I'm also sure Dr. Legha has seen people much worse off. He seemed encouraged by Jeff's progress and was glad to hear Jeff was eating ice cream sundaes.

Tonight, Jeff finished his last 2 doses of chemotherapy! His blood tests came back normal so he was able to take the Cisplatin as usual. He's on his last dose of Interleukin-2 and will finish that treatment tomorrow night. He also has to take one more shot of interferon tomorrow. After that, they must monitor him for 24 hours, so if all goes well, Jeff might be released on January 24th. After that, they will monitor his white blood counts to make sure he is not too susceptible to infection and to make sure he can bounce back for Round Two of treatment in two weeks.

So, keep praying. He needs all of your prayers so much. Because the drugs make him so sleepy and groggy, he said that he has trouble concentrating and thinking. (Note to Aubrey: When we come visit Dad let's make sure to play Scrabble with him since we might have a little bitty chance of finally winning! Ha Ha!). Although he hasn't been able to dwell on his circumstances (which has been good), he also hasn't been able to devote his mental energy to positive thoughts of shrinking and eradicating the cancer; staying strong; etc. So, he needs all of you to help him in this regard.

I know you'll come through for him!

Love, Kelly


Scott_Monica1981 said...

Jeff, Kelly & family,
Our prayers are with you. We think of you often everyday. Keep the positive attitude & fighting spirit alive!

Love you,

Scott, Monica & family

gardiner said...

Hi Jeff and Kelly. Mass from the ND Basilica - that's a great sign and a great way to start the day. We were happy to hear that you made it to Mass and that you are up walking around. Great news on the blood test and cisplatin treatment. You're always in our thoughts and prayers. Keep strong. And keep eating those sundaes. All our best, Brendan and Meaghen.

Mark said...

Hey Jeff and Kelly,

Congratulations! Nearly finished with round 1. Keep strong - one step at a time. We're praying for you!

Mark and Eliana

Glenda said...

Dear Dodds,
Prayers and best wishes from St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Hartselle, Al. We are the members of Jim's church and we will pray for you as you go through this difficult time. We promise to watch over Amy and Ashton whenever Jim is needed at your side. May God bless you with the strength to get through this.
Love in Christ, Glenda Greene, Senior Warden

ljpa said...

Hello Kelly and Jeff:
Sending good wishes from the whole P&S gang. What a week you have had! Your blog has been most helpful -- most especially in keeping us informed about what you are enduring -- but also in educating us about melanoma and the amazing treatment protocol available in Texas. Please know all of the Dodds are in our thoughts and prayers. Laura
P.S. My first blog posting ever! Hope it works.

Steel said...

Now, now, Kelly... No taking advantage of things to grab that brass Scrabble ring. ;-)

Keep it all going. The start of the race is the hardest part. Just keep your eyes set on finishing and we'll all keep praying for you and thinking about you every day.

Terri said...

We are praying all the time too. I also look into everything and anything as signs. When I turn on the car and my CD player plays the song where it left off and the first thing I hear is, "Good news is on the way." Weird, I know. The song was "Float On" by Modest Mouse incase you were curious.Great to hear he is doing so well, and I am also do proud of you too Kelly for being so strong yourself and for him too. you too are an insiration to me too. I love you Kaga and Jeff.

kate said...

Jeff & Kelly,
I've been telling everyone I know to pray & I'm so glad that Jeff is doing so well! There are a lot of us thinking about you every day. Stay positive, you're doing great!
-Kate Mettscher

Sheila said...

Jeff and Kelly, Just a note to reassure you that we are keping you in our prayers and we will continue having Masses said for you and your family. You are both such living witnesses of God's grace working. Kelly you are so strong and positive and Jeff you show such endurance and fortitude by continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Much smaller things in life make me want to run and pull the covers over my head. What love fills you both. Love to all.

Julie Croft said...

Hi Jeff and Kelly, You don't know me but I am Jeff Wait's sister. Ever since Michelle told me about your situation I have been praying for complete healing. Also, we have many friends from different churches here in Aberdeen, Scotland praying for your healing and for your physical and emotional stamina. Julie Croft

The Shopp's said...

Jeff and Kelly,
We are SO PROUD of you both. You have so much courage. We are so pleased to hear that things continue to go so well. We will keep the prayers coming and will continue to ask everyone we know to do so as well. Hang in there. Together you can do anything!!
All Our Love,
Reagan, Angie and Family

Ann R said...

Jeff and Kelly and Family,
Glad to hear things are going good and that Jeff is almost done with the first round. He is such a hero and inspiration to so many with his strength and courage. It is so easy to complain everyday about little things but this really puts life in to perspective.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers dailey.

Ann Reins (Tracy Dodd Mother)

Mary H. Dodd said...

Hi Jeff and Kelly,
Always good to read your update. It's one of the highlights of the day (caring for your children is another one). Jeff, your job right now is to put your mind to rest and sleep. That is what we are all praying for. It really is very important. At your first parent-teacher conference in kindergarten at St. Teresa's, your teacher told me that one day you would be president of the United States. Well, I believe you turn 35 this May. So rest, clear your head, I'm not lowering the bar, Mr. President. Love and prayers to you both, Mom (Mary)

Michelle & Jeff said...

Almost done with round one! You are a champ! Keep your spirits strong. Jeff and I are praying for you and Kelly. Every step counts no matter how big or small. And it sounds like you made a lot of big steps yesterday. We love you both so much!
Michelle and Jeff

Mr. Kev Kev said...

Sounds like Jeff has a great start which is terrific - Chris and I have a meeting tomorrow to get a framework around a benefit show, will publish more as we get more detail in the next couple weeks. Working on using that Aardvark Power for the Dodd Squad!

Max sends Jeff many licks and a waggy tail, think he would even share one of his toys but they get kind of smelly and mungy after he chews on them a bit and gets all that drool on them. . . .

Thoughts and prayers from Casa de Aardvarks,


p.s. from Max: WOOF