Monday, January 22, 2007

Waiting . . .

Hi Everyone!

Jeff finished his last treatment this evening! Yay!! So, he is officially done with Round One. Now, they must observe him for 24 hours to make sure he can eat, drink, and walk on his own. They also have to monitor his temperature and blood pressure because he can only be released if they are in the normal range. If not, they'll continue to observe him. If all goes well, it looks like he'll be discharged on the 24th.

The only other (minor) set back--if you can even call it that--is that his blood counts came back "low." This is to be expected because chemotherapy impairs the body's ability to effectively and efficiently produce new white and red blood cells. The doctor said counts can be "mildly low," "moderately low," or "severly low." He said Jeff is "right in the middle." Therefore, Jeff will have to have a daily shot of a drug called "Neupogen" to bring his white blood count up. He'll also have to have a weekly shot of a drug called "Procrit" to increase his red blood count. He had his first dose of both drugs earlier this evening. The good news is that even if his counts remain "low" it will not necessarily compromise his ability to start the next round of treatment. Sounds like they will forge ahead regardless!

And speaking of good news . . . Jeff may not lose his hair to chemotherapy after all. People undergoing chemotherapy frequently lose their hair. However, the nurse told me today that people with Jeff's chemo combination do not always lose their hair and sometimes just have a little bit of "shedding" or thinning. Some people do not lose their hair at all. Of course, some people do lose their hair, but it sounds like it is not at all a certainty and that odds are better than not that he won't. So, I guess I should not have been so quick to shave my head in a show of solidarity. Just kidding! Ha Ha!

I'll update everyone again tomorrow. In the meantime, please read Jeff's post below!



mka said...

A-ha! This time I am the first to make a comment. Sounds like the treatment is going great. It's what we're all praying for. Also it was nice to read your public service announcement Jeff. It came out very well written. If I had been getting the treatment you have it would have looked like this: jefs pblik survis announcmt. pbxlyzq and dermaqhjidol.k Ims sleppppyyy. Blanky. Then Kelly would have had to translate. ha ha It's nice you're feeling up to even type anything. I hope things just continue to get better. Love, Mom

Jerry and Lu Olmsted said...

Dear Jeff and Kelly: What a little lady you have there, Jeff. We are always so impressed with the positive energy. Our love and prayers continue your way. Here's a favorite saying of mine, "Don't tell God how BIG your storm is, tell your storm how BIG your God is!" May He continue to listen and bless you! Love, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lu

SandyS said...

I'm taking a break, and because I was expecting good news checked the blog and got it. Glad things are going as good as they are, but from Jeff's point of view it isn't as good as from ours, being the patient is never good. And I'm with you do not understand why you have to go through this, maybe it's to teach the rest of us about courage, because I am seeing a lot of it in the two of you. aad to keep part of us from not having to go through the same thing, thanks to the information you are providing. Prayers are still being sent up, and hopefully only good things are being send Down from up to you.

Katie Clancy said...

AWESOME ! Congrats on finishing Rd #1. Next time around hopefully will be easier, now that the docs have had a chance to adjust and calibrate meds for Jeff. You've come so far in such a short time. Very happy to see Jeff feeling up to posting messages again. Sending love and prayers - Katie

Dana said...

Hello Jeff & Kelly,
Thank you for providing the frequent updates.
Shalu & I will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.
Take Care,

Patrick and Tracy said...

Jeff and Kelly-

You two need to write a book. You both write so well. This blog is great. Jeff, you are a rock. I have always looked up to you, but WOW!!! You are amazing. You keep going strong bro. I love you. It was great to talk to you the other nite. You and Kelly be sure to call anytime. Also, Wednesday is the feast day of Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622) Patron Saint of WRITERS. What a sign! We will pray to him now too.
We love you both-
Patrick and Tracy
P.S. I'm a member of "Hair Club for Men", Dr. Bosley is on my speed dial, and I shampoo with Rogaine every night. Unfortunately, hair grows everywhere but my HEAD!!! I guess if you need a patch, I can sacrifice a bit from my back. Ha. Talk to you guys soon.

nicben said...

Jeff & family, I just read the email about your situation & wanted to let you know that I will keep all of you in my prayers. It sounds like you have a great support system in place. Good luck with everything.
Nicole Bennett (Swolensky)

gardiner said...

Congratulations on being finished with round #1 - a huge step forward. Jeff and Kelly, you are so strong!!! Keep it up!!! We're all here for you, sending wishes for good rest, healing, and health. Our prayers and God's blessings to you both, and to Aubrey, Regan, Jack and Mr. and Mrs. Dodd. Our Love,
Meaghen, Brendan, Grace, Clare.

Jim said...

Hang in there Jeff, it sounds like you're doing outstanding so far. I know that money is needed, so John and I have decided to run across America with "There Once Was A Man From Nantucket" lymericks as our motivational theme song. I'm sure we will raise tons of money nation wide! On second thought, I think we'll just stick with prayers and money orders. Be strong, be positive, I think you have half of Alabama praying for you and also for Kelly and the kids.
Love, Jim Amy and Ashton

Cathy said...

Hi Jeff & Kelly,
Well, shucks - I sent out an e-mail asking all the ND ALum in Houston to shave their heads too! (hee hee hee)

Give me a call, I have a car for you to use while you are here! I dropped an e-mail to Jeff with my phone numbers in it this evening.

Cathy Connors
ND Club of Houston

SandyS said...

The Priest at the church here in Ogallala said to tell you that you and Kelly are on the prayer lists for three little churches in Western Nebraska, and to keep the faith.
I'm glad round one is done.

kdub said...

I am up in the middle of the night a lot nursing our baby Molly. I pray a lot then especially when I can't go back to sleep. Hope you and you're family can feel our prayers. I'm so happy to hear how well you've done through this chemo treatment! Believe in your own healing power. Blessings to you, Jeff and Kelly. Take care, Katie

John said...
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John said...

You might remember I had talked about running across America before, but now this just gives me more of a reason. The snags came when I realized that I need to start running and would need to get in shape to accomplish such a physically demanding feat (right now I can't even touch my toes). Second I have a baby coming in a few weeks and Anni said she won't be my van driver. Third it would be very costly to run across America. And fourth, mom thinks I'll get killed by "weirdos" if I run across America. After all weirdos are everywhere. I'm happy you're finished with your first round and I'm convinced that when they re-scan your body you will see shrinkage in your cancer. I'm still surprised at how strong you seem to be after being bombarded with such powerful drugs and how well you take the treatment. Anni and I still have you and the whole family in our prayers.
Love, John and Anni

John said...

That was my deleted comment above. I was having the hardest time posting anything on this site. Google kept saying my password wasn't correct and then my user ID wasn't correct. I had written everything down and I know what I was typing was correct. Turns out an email verification message was sent to my email address from google but went to my bulk trask folder so I never responded to it and they shut my account off. The comment I finally posted took my over an hour to get sorted out and finally post. I hate google now and they are my mortal enemies and I hope their stock plummets.

Rita said...

Dear Jeff and Kelly

Just wanted to tell you both again that your never far from our thoughts and we continue to pray for all of you. I got this from The Power of a Praying Nation. The power of people praying for us when we are struggling with fear and grief should never be underestimated. I like the sound of that. Take care We Love You
Hugs Dad and Rita