Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Address Request

Some Lincoln friends requested our Houston address, so here it is:

8181 Fannin St. #2514
Houston, Texas 77054

In the meantime, Jeff reports that he is feeling good but tired today. He needs to take it easy and let those white blood cells work their magic. He has another blood test tomorrow afternoon to see if the Neupogen shots have brought his WBC (white blood count) back up to the requisite 10,000+ range. The doctor's office informed me they will likely hospitalize Jeff again on February 7th. He has asked me to come take care of him again during his "hospital week." I am so flattered that it's almost like having him propose all over again. I'm not kidding. There are so many people who have offered to come take care of him, and I'm sure no one does the job as well as his own mother, so Thank You, Jeff, for loving me and trusting me enough to do this with you! Unless a rectal thermometer is involved--then you are on your own. This whole "in sickness and in health" thing can only go so far! Ha ha! I'm kidding, of course!

So, I'll report more tomorrow after we receive the new blood test results. We're still only in Week Two, so he has a lot of time to catch up before the next cycle starts!



Rita said...

How romantic!!!
Great to hear that the sparks are still there after all these years.
Love ya, take care of each other. Rita

Tim Klein said...

Jeff & Kelly

It's great to hear how things are going, and we all hope things get nothing but better. We've sort of been keeping updated by your Grandma, Margaret Helen. Just want all of you to know that you are you guys are in all of our thoughts and prayers.

Tim Klein
one of your Omaha cousins