Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Big Decision . . .

Hi Everyone!

First, we want to thank you all for embracing this blog so enthusiastically and for your continuous well-wishes and prayers. It really motivates Jeff to see that so many people are pulling for him. We visited M.D. Anderson yesterday where we met Dr. Hwu and we also met with Dr. Sewa Legha, who was an oncologist at M.D. Anderson for 25 years and who pioneered Anderson's melanoma treatment protocol. He is now in private practice with St. Luke's hospital which is across the street from M.D. Anderson. Both doctors explained the different options available to Jeff and it was immediately clear that the cancer treatment in Houston is very advanced from what he was offered in Milwaukee. Today, we have to make the Big Decision about whether to start treatment under Dr. Hwu at M.D. Anderson or under Dr. Legha at St. Luke's. Jeff has prayed a lot about the decision and, depending on the results of the MRI and blood work ordered today, he feels confident about which direction to go. I don't mean to leave everyone hanging--we won't have a definitive answer until his test results come back. I've learned that the only certainty in all of this is the uncertainty. Fortunately, Jeff and I work with wonderful people and have a phenomenal network of friends and family that help us adjust to the changes as they come. I'm sure Jeff will want to update all of you, himself, as soon as he chooses a course of action. Until then, please pray for good test results and for Jeff's peace of mind as he makes this enormous decision. We love you all!


Rita said...

Dear Jeff and Kelly
We are continuing to pray for you and the doctors who are going to be treating you. I am asking everyone of faith that I know to please put you on their prayer list. I am praying for strength for both of you as well as Aubrey, Regan, Jack and your parents. I'm sure they are all as overwhelmed as both of you are. I know that God is listening to are prayers and will keep you in his loving care. We Love you Rick and Rita

Katie Clancy said...

Its a tremendous blessing that you've been able to get in so fast and are connected with clearly the right people!! I hope this brings peace of mind, since whichever doctor and treatment you choose is so advanced and you're in great hands. Best of luck, love, and prayers, Katie

Mary M Clay said...

Thank you for the update, Kelly. I will be praying for you both and this decision. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers at all time.

Love, Mary M

Steel said...

Still reading and still praying for you guys!!!

gardiner said...

I am so thankful for this site because it's keeping us connected. Thank you, Kelly. I'm amazed Jeff was able to see both Drs. yesterday. As we pray we will ask for guidance in this decision.
Our love, Meaghen & Brendan & girls

Ann R said...

Dear Jeff and Kelly,
I was sorry to hear about your news but it seems that your spirts and attiude is great and your family and friends are praying and have been a great support.With Gods blessings you will work through these trouble times with a amazing story of success to tell us all when you get home. I am sadden with this horrible news to hear what your dealing with and your family but your strength and faith will be the winner in the end. I am praying and admire your courage.
All my Prayers,
Ann Reins (Tracy's Mom)

The Shopp's said...

Jeff, Kelly and Family,
First and foremost, we love you. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and I have placed you on our prayer list at work as well as church. We want you to know that we are with you in spirit every step of the way. As we anxiously await Jeff's decision, please hang in there and know that your beautiful family is being lifted up in prayer by so many.
All Our Love,
Reagan, Angie and Family

bconig said...
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bconig said...

Hey guys. Thanks so much for the updates!! I wanted to let you know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers here in Nebraska. Hang in there man!! If there is anything at all, I can do for you, please let me know.

Love ya buddy!!!

The Coniglios(Bryan Angela and Lauren)

Bryan said...

If you need help with the decision I think I may still have my lucky quarter that I used for multiple choice tests like the ACT... or on second thought I'll just say some extra prayers.

SBrandt said...

Dear Jeff & Fam,
Just wanted to send you our thoughts and prayers again. Hope you are all hanging in ok. Wishing you peace during this time of uncertainty.
Sarah, Ryan and kids

mka said...

Whatever decision you reach about which doctor to go with will be the right decision, because I think God will direct you to the correct one.

katie.elsener said...

Dear Jeff and Kelly,
We are confident your decision will be the right one because we are praying for you.
Mark and Katie

The Dues said...

Dear Jeff & Kelly,
Thank you so much for allowing us the use of this blog. As you know you are heavy on our hearts and minds. We check this blog a few times a day to see where you are in this nightmare. It sounds as though you have a very difficult decision to make. I know our good and gracious God will let you know the right way to go. We will continue praying for you, Kelly, the baby, and your family here.
God Bless you both!
Jill, Brian, Christopher & Jaime

SandyS said...

When faced with a big decision you can always use eny meany miny mo.