Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hi All:

Sorry for the interruption--Jeff's computer broke on Tuesday so we couldn't charge it or connect to the internet, so we've been unable to access the internet, e-mail, etc. for the past few days.

We replaced the cord, so we can charge the computer, but since leaving the hospital yesterday we have no way of accessing the internet (we're having trouble hooking up the service in our apartment). So, I'm in a little cafe mooching off of their internet connection and hoping I can type this before my last few precious seconds of battery power run out.

I'll type more as soon as I find an internet connection AND a plug-in. Until then, rest assured we are not ignoring all of your posts and e-mails and will be back up and running as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Jeff is rebounding well. His white blood counts were already back up to normal before we left the hospital. However, he still has to give himself a daily shot of Neupogen as a precautionary measure because they can take another dip in the post-hospital week. He ate a blueberry waffle last night (his first solid food in a week)! Now his job is to rest up and fatten up for the next round! More to come . . .



PWilkins said...

Awesome news! Keep up the good work Jeff and Kelley - we'll keep up the praying ... God Bless you both! Peggy Wilkins/Lincoln

Steel said...

You two keep it up! Just glad that you have any chance you do to let everyone know what's going on. In the past couple of days we've been busy here getting stuff ready:

There are friends and friends of friends who are all asking how they can help and stepping up. The passion, faith and goodness in people's hearts isn't always so obvious. Sometimes it takes a negative to see something so positive happening. I can't wait until both of you get to see this first-hand.