Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very Quick Update . . .

Well, I finally got my drink--a whiskey sour to be exact. My friend Di invited me out to dinner, so we went to Maxie’s Southern Comfort on a gift card (Thanks, Jill!) and had a perfectly pleasant evening. Jeff’s mom is visiting through the weekend and she generously babysat the kids so I could go out. Aubrey and Regan were at a volleyball game while Jack and Finn enjoyed one-on-one time with Grandma. The kids’ fall break is off to a roaring good start.

Tomorrow will bring even more excitement: Halloween! We’re having friends and neighbors over for dinner and trick-or-treating. I can’t wait. All the kids have really great costumes this year. I’ll post another update—complete with pictures—after tomorrow’s festivities. Until then, thanks as always for continuing to check in. I appreciate knowing you’re there.



Laura Gilbert said...

Hey -- we are out here checking in, and thinking of you guys and praying for happiness and relief. Thanks for continuing to keep us updated - Laura

Katie Clancy said...

Cheers Kelly - glad you got out. Happy Halloween!

Kay Klein said...

Kelly, Glad to hear you had an evening out. And hi to Mary. It was good to see you in Kansas last weekend.
All of you continue to be in our thoughts and prayer. May things go well for all of you. Happy Halloween. Kay Klein

Jill Sloup Nolton said...

Hi Kelly!

Now that I've made it into the blog, I figured I should finally sign up and make my first post! I'm so happy you were able to use the gift certificate for a well-deserved drink and hope that you had an enjoyable evening out. I'm still checking the blog frequently and I'm really glad you're still posting. We're thinking about you and your family here in Washington!

Oh, and tell Mary & Gary hi for me too.

Happy November.

mka said...

Whisky sours taste like crap. I can't believe you ordered one. Here's some GOOD drinks to order. Fuzzy Navel, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daquri, Strawberry Margarita, Kaluah Cream with whipped cream on top. Baileys Irish cream or Baileys Caramel in a cup of coffee. Next time, try one of those. I have lots mor too so ask me. Love, Mom