Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No News

I really have nothing new to report: I just thought I should post something as a strategy to maintain interest.

I went back to work this week--and no sooner did I arrive at the office than I was summoned to jury duty. God definitely has a sense of humor. So, I spent most of my first day back on the job at the courthouse with 40 other Milwaukee County citizens undergoing voir dire (a fancy lawyer word for "jury selection.") Fortunately, I was not selected for the five-day-long trial that will usurp the rest of the week. Whew!

Today, was much better. Work was good. After work was even better. Tonight the kids and I went with one of our nannies to watch her little sister's high school Varsity volleyball game. It was a lot of fun. The kids were very well-behaved (meaning nobody ran onto the court) and I got to visit with other adults. It was a relaxed, fun, all-around pleasant evening.

Finally, I have selected Jeff's (our) headstone (we have side-by-side plots and a joint headstone). It will take two to four months to deliver but it will be worth the wait. I think it may very well be the nicest headstone in the cemetery. The kids all helped choose it and approved the final decision. It will be nice to finally have a monument to landscape and decorate. Believe it or not, some of Jeff's "neighbors" have Halloween decorations on their graves. I don't know why, but it strikes me as ironic.

Speaking of Halloween, the kids are gearing up--Jack and Finn have their costumes already. Regan is still finalizing hers. We've put up some decorations and might try to carve pumpkins this weekend.

So, that's the Big News around here. And after two years like we've just had: no news is good news.

Love, Kelly


Kara Smith said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, just ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Maybe if only for a moment! Love to hear that life is returning to "normal" for you. Thank you for blogging! My prayers continue for all of you!

Monica said...

Hi Kelly, I'm glad you decided to keep up the blog, it's nice to hear how you are all doing, I think of you often! rumor has it you might be headed this way for thanksgiving? weather permitting I'm headed to mom's, it would be great to see you!
take care!

Jim said...

email me a picture of the headstone that you picked out, I liked the "angel of grief" one that made the finals for you, but I remember that no one else really did, so let me see what you decided on. Not much going on here, it is still about 85 degrees here everyday with no cooling off in sight and I am in the home stretch for All Saints' Day 5k preparations. Auf Wiedersehen!

colleen J said...

Hi Kelly,
For sure you are maintaining interest! As a long time reader of the blog, I've never really introduced myself, but you can be sure I continue to follow along with your family's everyday victories and challenges. And my prayers for all of you continue!
Colleen Johnson

Anonymous said...
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