Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Quick Update

Jeff's hometown newspaper, The Lincoln Journal Star, ran a short article about him and his blog today. You can access the article on-line via the following link:

In the meantime, I have learned that there will be a memorial mass for Jeff in Lincoln, Nebraska on Thursday, October 16th at 7:30 a.m. at the Pius X Chapel with a light breakfast to follow. One of Jeff's high school classmates asked me to pass this information along. Please RSVP to her at if you plan to attend so they can estimate a head count.

In other news, all is well on the home front. The kids are happy and thriving--I'm sure in no small part due to the fact we continue to be surrounded by loving and compassionate friends. I've been fortunate to have deep and meaningful conversations with several friends and family members--my fear of having no one to talk to seems laughable! It's been a very good weekend and I am so grateful that I've been able to eat and sleep and that I have not succumbed to sorrow or fear--both of which seem to have grown bored with me and have meandered off to annoy someone else. I'll gladly take the reprieve.

Please check back soon.

Love, Kelly


katie.elsener said...

Thanks for the update, Kelly. Jeff's rosary and funeral were beautiful.
I want you to know that Sr. Maria at Pius X High School has made copies of Jeff's final blog to give to her senior religion students. Jeff's last words are profoundly affecting these teens. They are coming to me and telling me they are so moved and inspired by Jeff. Many have told me his blog brought them to tears. Jeff just keeps giving and giving.
The Journal Star article was nice.
I am very happy you are all doing so well.

mvo said...

Dear Kelly and family,

I was Mary Margaret's teammate and her roommate during our first year at DePaul, and met you and Jeff back then when you came to visit our dorm room with little Aubrey.

I want to send my condolences, but also to remark on how moving I found the blog posts from you and him. The articles about Jeff's passing are really a testament to the way he lived his life, the mark he clearly left on so many, and the way his life will live on in all of yours. You are in my thoughts.
-Mary Vonckx

Mike Kenney said...

Hi Kelly,

I am so glad to hear that you and the children are doing well. I have read your observations and feelings of the days since Jeff's death and they, of course, bring back very vivid memories for me. Many of the details of those days,ten years passed, have been transformed into what I term "essences". One such essence is the feeling of stillness that surrounded me and I assume the children right after Mary Beth's death. The sensation reminded of when I was young boy getting my hair cut, a "buzz" cut. Having that barber's trimmer over my head for 15-20 minutes was a disturbing yet intense rush. Having it suddenly turned off was an unusual feeling of calm, emptiness and a bit disorienting - pretty good memory for a bald guy, eh? That is how I felt after months of the intense demands of managing my job, 4 children, twice daily trips to the hospital and eventually 3 weeks of home hospice. When it was over I was calm, there was an empty silence and I was surrounded by the welcoming yet relieved smiles and hugs of the support team that truly carried us through the ordeal. As if raised on a pallet with the sun always shining I began to move forward. For some time I felt as if I was operating normally but in a protected stasis of sorts thanks to my faith, my family and my friends. I also think my brain needed a vacation and took it regardless of my wishes. My previous life's path was no longer visible but a new one with many crossroads ahead was in sight. I envisioned Dorothy's "yellow brick road" and I already had my muchkins. I've traveled those paths for 10 years now. Kelly, as you and the kids venture along your new paths please know that I am here to listen and tell you of my expriences and well as those of my 4 children. I didn't always make the best decisions but I will certainly tell you which decisions I made and why. I pray and hope for you and your family each day.

Mike (Lauren's Dad)