Thursday, October 23, 2008

cheerleading+Chanel+classic horror movies + dances= aubrey's life!

hey everybody!! it's aubrey! i was just posting a blog because i was pretty bored and i thought you might all want to know what i've been doing lately. the title of this blog pretty much sums up what's going on with me right now, but i'll give you details ;) let's start from the beginning.....
as you can see from the photo on the left i've been cheerleading! if you don't already know (even though you probably do) i made cheerleading captain a while back, and our first game is on Tuesday, November 4th. all of the new cheerleaders are really psyched up for it and i'm excited too! the other captain and i have really whipped the new girls into shape and now they are totally ready for the first game. they also all have really good atitudes which is awesome :)) anyway, cheerleading is taking up a lot of my time and energy, but it's super fun so it's worth it.
when im not cheerleading, i'm getting ready for halloween (hence, the jack-o-lantern in the top right). incase you can't tell, the jack-o-lantern has the Chanel symbol carved in it. i couldn't think of a face to make, so i made a designer label, which i think is really cute and i don't care if you think it's stupid or not :) this halloween i'm going trick-or-treating with my best friends and then we're getting scary movies. i don't really like trick-or-treating because i think it's cold, it gets boring after, like, 20 minutes, and it takes WAY too much effort to put together a halloween costume. but it's nearly impossible for me not to have fun when i'm with my best friends! also the trick-or-treating will be completely worth it at the end of the night when we're on a huge sugar high getting scared to death by classic horror movies. speaking of horror movies, incase you actually care which ones we're getting, we will be watching "The Changeling" "Hide and Seek" and something else but i forgot what. (we might not get "hide and seek" though because we don't want to be scared to take showers, lol!)
well, other than that i haven't been doing much lately... there's a dance at my school tomorrow so i'm going to that. but other than that nothing excited has happened lately or will happen in the near future that i know of. gotta go! love you all :D

aubrey kate


mka said...

The Changeling is a very cool movie. I guess Angelna Jolie is in a new movie called "Changeling", but it isn't exactly like the old one. The old one is great. You and your friends will be properly scared out of your wits. Have you seen it before? Here's something you probably don't know about the movie. It was based on a true story about a man in Colorado, Brighton I think.
We're having a Halloween Party at Champions too. I'm not sure how well it will go over considering every other bar in town will be having one too, but my employees want to do it, so I won't stop them. Have fun, eat lots of candy and GO TEAM! Love, Grandma Myrna

Anonymous said...
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Jim said...

I watched "The Blob" last night. It was the perfect Halloween movie. (It was the Kevin Dillon 1999 version which is better than the oldest one). It had humor, no nudity, the perfect amount of gore mixed with perfect horror movie stupidity and cheese. It was great, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting that perfect Halloween movie, but just don't know what to get...get "The Blob"! Also, a funny pumpkin design is making a pumpkin with an open mouth and then leaving all the pumpkin innards hanging out of the mouth and onto the porch, it looks like the pumpkin has vomited and is extremely entertaining to look at!

Terri said...

I also recommend the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes- ha, ha. I guess that was suppose to be scary back in the day. I remember when the boys watched The Blob and they put pancake btter in their mouths and tried spitting it out on me and my friend Candy. It ws gross, so be glad you are the oldest, because I know that you wouldn't do something like that to your younger siblings, or maybe now I am giving you ideas. :) Anyway,
have a fun and safe Halloween.
Love Aunt Terri

aubrey said...

i have seen the movie The Changling before :) that's why my friends and i are getting it (because im forcing them to watch it because i love it so much!)
we also decided today that we are going to get Pet Cemetary. love, aubrey kate
p.s. i did know that the movie The Changling was based on a true story because my mom told me the first time i saw it :))