Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tony declared last night to be the “best Halloween ever” and I have to agree it was a pretty good time! Between the Murphys, the Popanzes, the Marklins, the Kenneys, and the Dodd Squad, we had quite a formidable group of trick-or-treaters. There was a devil, a jester, and a menagerie of animals: a kitty, a puppy, a lion, a cow (complete with udders) and even a baby dinosaur. Indiana Jones made an appearance and we had two ninjas in tow. Finally, we had Yoda (the younger, nimbler, light-saber wielding Yoda) who definitely had the Force—I’ve never seen so much candy. My kids will be in a Kit Kat coma until Christmas!

It was a lovely night—cool, but comfortable and the little ones held up well. After charming the neighborhood out of about 20 pounds of chocolate, skittles, and suckers, we came back to our house for chili, beer and wine. (Although one of our neighbors got the party started early by handing out candy to the kids and glasses of beer or wine to the adults to enjoy as we wound our way through the neighbordhood. Suh-weet!).

In other news, Jeff’s parents are visiting this weekend. Jeff’s mom has been helping with the kids while they are off school for Fall Break and Gary arrived in town today to spend some time with Jack and Finn doing “boy” things. (They are on a hike through the woods at the moment). Tomorrow is the annual memorial mass at our parish. Once a year they host a mass and breakfast to honor and remember all the people whose funerals were held at St. Jude’s in the prior year. So, the kids and I and Jeff’s parents will go to the mass and breakfast and then to the cemetery (assuming I remember to set my clocks back tonight . . .)

So, our streak of great weekends continues. The Force is truly with us.

Love, Kelly


Terri said...

Sweetness!! I'm glad you all had so much fun! I only wish that we could have been there with you all. Jake saw the pictures and caught a glimpse of either Abe or Ben and wished he could have been there to celebrate halloween with you guys. We also think that Finn makes the best Yoda ever! He looks sooo cute and like he is having soooo much fun. Note: keep the costume and pass it down to Bennet. :) Thanks.
Alos, yes the force is with you and I hope that it continues to be with you. :) Happy Bleated Halloween to you all, you all looked super duper awesome!!
Love, Terri

Kara Smith said...

Love the costumes! Love the post-trick-or-treating idea...especially when Halloween lands on a Friday! I clicked on the picture to see the costumes up close and had to smile about the photo sitting on the table.

I am a first cousin to Gary Dodd. I have followed Jeff's blog and now your edition as well! I have that exact picture of Ralph and Bonnie and kids in a collection of photos that I got from my Mom and Dad's house when they both passed away. I also have a variety of Dodd family pictures and school photos that must have come in Christmas cards. My Mom saved everything!

Just some miscellaneous information you probably never needed to know!

mka said...

The pictures are so cute of everybody. Finn makes a very cute Yoda. Jack, Regan and Aubrey look great in their costumes. We had a party at the bar last night. I went as a court jester or joker. Sandy had a cute hat she loaned me. I pressed a button inside the rim and the balls on the hat blinked. The party went fairly well. Talk to you soon. Love, Mom

Ann R said...

You can tell this family has a flair for the arts great costumes!
They all looked great sounded like a fun time.
It is nice that you are all together for the specail mass at your church.
Thinking of you all, Ann Reins