Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I recently asked the kids if they had made any New Year's Resolutions. Everyone except Aubrey looked confused. I explained to the little ones that a New Year's Resolution is kind of like a promise you make to yourself to either do something good for yourself or for others or to reach some goal that you set, etc. They were instantly inspired and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with what they came up with. So, here is a list of their New Year's Resolutions:

Regan: Make good friends; Help the planet ("by keeping things clean and stuff"); Get a good education; Help around the house; Help friends; Help the poor.

Jack: Hug my Mom more; Do my homework; Eat healthy; Love my family.

Aubrey: Go to bed earlier.

Finn: Stop smoking and lose weight. (Oh wait--Aubrey just told me that's not actually what he said. Turns out he said "snowman." Hey--it's an honest mistake. He's kind of hard to understand when he talks . . .).

As for me, I operate on a fiscal year, so my New Year's Resolutions aren't due until July 1.

In other news, I single-handedly removed a dead squirrel from my driveway today. These are the kind of things you forget you'll have to do when you're widowed--until you actually have to do them. And no--I did not run over it. It fell out of a tree and died on impact. (Seriously).

Well, that's all I've got for tonight. (Better luck next time!) Until then, take care and stay tuned.



Jackie said...

I love you blog and your witty sense of humor. My husband is very ill with stage IV met malignant melanoma and we are praying he can be with us beyond the 6 months they gave him to live. You give me hope that I can actually raise our 3 year old on my own. I find hope and motivation in your words and hope you don't mind someone "random" following you. I have a blog for my husband's illness and it is a huge form of therapy for me. May I ask if you and/or your children have sought therapy for this? I am debating starting and would love to hear if you have any advice.
Thank you and God bless,

Mary M Clay said...

Great blog, Kelly! I love the resolutons...especially Jack's 'hug Mom more'. Too cute! Thanks for the post!

mka said...

You are braver than me. Removing dead squirrels is a job for the neighbor guy or passing by stranger, newspaper boy, anyone but me. I'm still at Terris and head for home tomorriw morning. Bennet is very cute and a real calm baby. Love, Mom

Ann R said...

Kelly and Kids:
Happy New Year ! Seen the rest of the family over Thanksgiving loved Gary and Mary new place. You seemed to have a lot going on there in Wisconson. Stay warm...
Looks like others are enjoying your thoughts and wisdom. Your all a great inspiration of courage and faith.
Hope to see you guys maybe next fall when the kids get back.
Wishing you all the best in 2009
Ann Reins