Monday, January 12, 2009

it's aubrey!!

hey everybody !
this blog may end up being really random, but i felt like writing one, so i'm just going to keep typing and see what happens :-)
first of all, cheerleading is over for me (for this year atleast...) and the musical should be starting soon. if im correct, auditions start in february--YAYY! but for now i'm just taking a break from extracurriculars. i might re-start guitar lessons soon though, which would be fun :-D
i guess other than that i haven't been doing that much lately. this weekend i went to the mall with some friends and next weekend i will probably go see a movie with my 2 best friends... (at the mall.... AGAIN) but who knows. my plans change a lot :-P
as far as school goes, i have a project due soon for history and a couple algebra exams coming up, but nothing very exciting.
alright, well, Scrubs will be on soon, so i gotta go!
love you all!
aubrey kate
p.s. i know, i lead such a riveting life. it must be so thrilling to read about all the huge and exciting things that happen to me on a regualr basis!! jk :P lol!


Jeff's Daily Update said...

at the end, where it says "regualr", that's a typo, just so ya know :) it's supposed to be regular-lol!

Mary M Clay said...

Hey Aubrey!
Thanks for the blog! I'm glad you have a brief break before the next activity (the play!). Have fun at the mall and stay out of the snow! I cant wait to see you all again!