Wednesday, January 21, 2009

finally something more exciting than nothing!!

Hey everybody :) It's Aubrey once more. My mom would write this post but she is too busy watching the movie "Beerfest" to focus on blogging. Yes, "Beerfest." Apparently, her friends and my uncle Jim say it's a really funny movie, but personally I think that's just her excuse for really wanting to watch it. So anyway, let me tell you a short, sweet summary of tonight's events while my mom watches her movie :P
Tonight, my mother surprised us by taking us to Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner! It was Finn's first time there and before we even got inside he was pointing at the windows, smiling, and saying "yay!" It was absolutely ADORABLE!! As soon as we got inside he ran to a ride and started climbing on before we even had a chance to take his coat off. Throughout the night he managed to go through 15 Chuck-E-Cheese Tokens and went on a bunch of free "baby" rides. And of course his favorite game was the one with the basketballs. He stole a ball from it and refused to set it down for the beginning of the night. So while some poor kid got jypped out of points in the game because he had one too few balls, Finn had the time of his life :D but I don't think anybody noticed he had one of the balls, so it was okay ;) By the end of the night we had eaten one large pizza, a bunch of cokes, a couple of salads and of course Jack and Regan left with prizes galore. I think everybody would say that it was a wonderful evening!
Alright, that's all and I have to get going, but I'll talk more later!
aubrey kate

Editor's Note: I, Kelly, just finished watching my movie. For the record, I don't even like beer. I'm high on life! . . . but, the movie was pretty funny.


Mary M Clay said...

Hey Aubrey! It sounds like the entire family had an fun night! Love it! I spent the night with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Gary and also had a blast at Chuck E Cheese! Ok, just kidding, but we did the adult equivalent, which was a night full of wine and food.
We miss you all and can't wait to see you in late February!
Aunt MM

michelle wait said...

Hi Aubrey! It sounds like you all had a lot of fun! I wish I could have seen Finn's excited face. How sweet! Have you ever heard of Show Biz? That's what Chuck E. Cheese was called when I was a little kid. I liked the big "talking" and dancing animals they they still have those?
Love you and have a fun weekend!