Thursday, May 8, 2008

The MRI results are in . . .

Hi! Yesterday I met with my neuro-oncologist to discuss the results of my recent MRI brain scan. The doctor said the results looked great. He said the only portion of my brain that "lights up"--the lights evidently indicate abnormalities--on the scan is a portion of the site where the largest tumor was resected (removed). He said this area has lit up exactly the same way on all of my post-surgery brain scans, which indicates that it is most likely nothing more than scar tissue. The doctor also mentioned that the site where the smaller tumor had been--the one that was gamma knifed--is not lighting up at all anymore.

So thank God and Hallelujah for that bit of good news! I have my chest, pelvis, and abdomen CT scans this coming Monday and meet with Dr. Richards in Chicago next Friday (May 16) to get those results. Kelly will be traveling with me, which makes me very happy. Opportunities to spend five or six uninterrupted waking hours with her do not arise often, so I view this trip to Chicago as one big date. Granted it's the kind of date when you take the girl on a picnic even though thunderheads are rolling in and the forecast calls for hail. But, hey, a date's a date, and I'll go on one with Kelly every chance I can get.

In other news, our little Finny-pum is going to be one year old in exactly one week. I don't know what we'll do to celebrate. It will all be lost on him, although I'm sure he'll gobble up a little cake. He has been slow in taking to table food unless it's something sugary sweet. He didn't like spaghetti last night, for instance, but he really enjoyed the syrup-soaked french toast I gave him for lunch today! : )

That's all for now. Jeff


Katie Clancy said...

Awesome news! Keep up the great work! and enjoy your time with Kelly.

mka said...

Great news on the scans. I hope all the rest are good news too. I just learned on date night don't take her out for pizza.After seeing Kelly's circus food list, I think Finn's future food list will be a lot like Mommys. I can just see you guys pouring syrup on some cauliflower to get him to eat it. ha ha Love, Mom, Myrna

michelle wait said...

this is such great news, jeff! i'm so glad we got to talk today. you're such an awesome big brother! i'll be thinking of you next week. hope you and kelly can have a fun date day together :)

Terri said...

Thank God indeed!!! I am soooo glad to hear that the results were great. I hope you get more great results on Fri.
And I don't know but you might want to get Finn tested he might be part Elf. Maybe you should have put syrup on the spaghetti last night to get him to eat it, that how the elfs eat their spaghetti, according to the movie Elf. For some reason I have always walked away from that moive wanting to try spaghetti with syrup but just never had the guts to try it. Maybe I might be part elf too.
Love, Terri