Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like father, like son, like baby doll

Hi! Finn has recently adopted one of Regan's old baby dolls. He likes to hold it and kiss it and then fling it across the room. What do you expect from a one-year-old? Anyway, last night Finn was playing with his baby doll and he thought it was funny when I would hold them both together. We decided to take the picture when we noticed that we all happened to be dressed the same. Just thought some of you might enjoy it.


mka said...

That picture is so cute. It's funny that you all had on your "onesies" ha ha Love, Myrna

Katie Clancy said...

Very cute. Kelly was telling me today that Finn is a daddy's boy... thanks for sharing

Jim said...

The baby doll needs to be boy'd up! Put some Naruto clothes on that doll or some ninja attire, matter of fact why not everyone dress up like Naruto and other various Ninja, that would look awesome. That gives me an idea.
Just for kicks Jeff, Try this, go see the Reiki master, walk silently into his office in a full naruto ninja suit. Sit in the middle of his office indian (or ninja) style. When he asks you what you're doing or to go and take your place where you're suppose to be, cut him off abruptly and announce that the nine tailed fox doesn't like being imprisoned any more and you're going to attempt a summoning jutsu to release him. Then start rapidly performing numerous hand signs. If he tries to interrupt, verbally berate him by saying, "well don't just stand up your chakra and prepare the rasengan"! But before he can respond, start convulsing on the floor for a moment, remain unconscious for another moment, and when the Reiki master tries to gently shake you to see if you're ok, jolt back awake, only this time act as if you are completely exhausted and stagger to where you were actually suppose to be for your session. Tell him in an out of breath voice, "We were close this time...the seal still holds the demon...we might need to get Neji for this...we'll need his byakugan and 8 trigrams any Jack Daniels"? Then sit back and get ready to begin your Reiki session.
I got kind of off track huh? Anyway, nice picture.

Terri said...

I would just like to say that Jim knows a bit too much about Ninja, Naruto stuff to the point that I think that he might actually be able to float in air and disappear in thin air.
Cute picture! Finn still looks like a baby Oraguntan (not sure how you spell that) to me. Isn't it funny what kids think is funny to them?

michelle wait said...

This picture is way too cute for words!

Peggy Wilkins said...

I love it - simplicity - it's the way to go.