Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aubrey Breaks A Leg

Hi! This past week, Aubrey and 85 of her fellow middle school classmates staged a production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. Aubrey had the role of one of the wicked stepsisters, and several of her close friends were also involved in the play. We went to several of the shows, and enjoyed them thoroughly. Regan and Jack wanted to go--and did go--to every show, which I think is a true testament to how entertaining it was. All of the students did a great job. Of course, I thought Aubrey was the best! : ) We couldn't take pictures during the production, but I was able to take this one afterward. Aubrey designed her own dress, and her friend's mom helped put it together. So not only is she a budding actress, she's also a fashion designer!

I had my brain MRI this past week and see my neuro-oncologist and neurosurgeon this coming Wednesday. I expect that the results will show no new cancer activity in the brain. I have my chest/abdomen/pelvis CTs the following week, and a followup appointment with Dr. Richards on the May 16. So that will keep my mind in a steady state of anxiety for the next couple of weeks! : )

I'm going to ask Aubrey to add a few notes to this comment when she wakes up. I'm sure she'll want to tell you all about her own experiences with the production.



Jeff's Daily Update said...

hi everyone! the show was SO much fun! i'm sad it's over, but i also am getting kind of sick of shows just because it takes me 2+ hours every show to do my hair and make-up!! i guess all the make-up and stuff payed off though because this girl i didn't even know told me that her mom said that the other stepsister and i were too pretty to be evil! i thought that was funny. anyway, i can tell you more later if you want to know anything else :)

mka said...

Aubrey, you DO look too pretty to be an evil stepsister. You look like Cinderella herself. You also look strikingly like your mother when she was your age. Wow! I wish I could have seen the show, but if you're like your mom, this won't be the last play you are in. Love, Grandma Myrna

Katie Clancy said...

Congrats, Aubs - your costume looks pretty cool - just like the pictures in my favorite books of Cinderella. I wish I could have seen it!
Talk to you soon, Katie

Mary H. Dodd said...

Aubrey, it's wonderful to see the next generation enjoying and singing music. You were wonderful! Great to see everyone. Enjoy your basketball hoop. I loved seeing your Daddy and Grandpa Gary shooting hoops with you all. Love and prayers, Grandma Mary

Mary M Clay said...

Bravo, Aubrey!
You were fantastic and your singing was the best I've ever heard it! It reminds me of Uncle Pat's high school performances. I think you have several more roles in your future :)
I love you,
Aunt MM

Jim said...

You are Kelly's doppleganger! I bet that you eat ice chips with your front teeth, sleep with your eyes open, and have a best friend that's a wonder twin don't you!!

Terri said...

I agree with mom. I thought that you looked just like Kelly in all her plays and stuff when she was your age. I also think you are too pretty to be an evil stepsister. I wish we could have been there to see you, I'm sure you were amazing. I have one qiestion to see if you really are like Kelly or not. Do you get nervous before you go on stage? and Are you nervous when you are on stage? That's all. Gald to see everyone is doing good and Jeff we will be prying for good results.
Love, Terri

aubrey said...

here are comments to jim and terri:
jim: i do NOT eat ice-chips with my front teeth, sleep with my eyes open, or have a best friend who's a wonder twin, but Regan sleeps with her eyes open. and so does finn.
terri: i don't get nervous at all on stage. :)