Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Homeward Bound

Hi! Today I received good news: I will be going home this Friday evening! We had my case meeting today, and the doctors, therapists, and staff agreed that I had made sufficient progress so that I could function at home with supervision and minimal assistance. That means I need someone to keep an eye on me when I'm walking around, going up and down steps, getting dressed, etc. to make sure I don't do anything to hurt myself. In other words, I've achieved the functionality of a three-year-old. But that's progress!

The next step is to visit Dr. Legha in Houston for CT scans and a checkup. Dr. Legha wants to see what the tumors in my liver are doing so that he can decide what type of chemo, if any, to administer along with the radiation. I made appointments to get scanned in Houston on September 7th and then I will meet with Dr. Legha on September 10th. That should get me back to Wauwatosa in time to start and finish three weeks of radiation before my brother's wedding on October 5th. I missed Michelle's wedding in April because of this cancer; I don't want to miss Michael's wedding too.

As enjoyable as my hospital stay has been--and it really has been enjoyable thanks to all of the wonderful people who work here at Froedtert--I look forward to going home. It will be nice to spend Labor Day weekend with Kelly and the kids. The college football season starts Saturday, so maybe I'll catch a couple of games, too. Go Irish! Go Huskers! Go Badgers!



Kara Smith said...

WONDERFUL!!!! It is OK to yell if you are shouting for joy, right? So glad to hear that you are able to go home...with supervision. You shouldn't be lonely anyway!

I hope and pray that the Houston appointments go well and that there is no growth in your tumors.

Keep mending yourself! There is a lot of power in positive thinking!

Kara Smith

Mary M Clay said...

Great news, Jeff! Your daily efforts to increase your mobility are paying off! It will feel wonderful to be home, in your own backyard, etc.

We all missed you and Kelly at Michelle's wedding, so it will be especially nice to have you at Michael's. Nebraska better be ready for the entire Dodd family! :)
I love you,

aubrey said...

dear dad,
aubrey kate :)

PJ said...

Continued peace, love and prayers Jeff. I admire your strength and courage. You are an inspiration to many. Our love and prayers to your family as well.
Kelly, I am enjoying your humor, I find it encouraging.

PJ and the Whalen Clan

michelle wait said...

Jeff, That is awesome news and you are awesome too! Love ya,

gardiner said...

That's fabulous news, Jeff! I'm hoping for beautiful weather for your homecoming weekend. Our love and prayers, the Gardiners.

lisa said...

Nothing beats home. I laughed out loud when you made the comment that you enjoyed hearing the kids argue in the hospital about who gets to push you around first. If you get home and find that there isn't enough of that arguing going on, stop by here and I can guarantee you we'll have enough to fill you up for a lifetime :)

Lisa Brzycki

mka said...

Jeff, since you now have the functionality of a three year old, I feel compelled to tell you, once you get home, "Don't run with scissors!" I talked to Jim, and he and his family will be coming up there Friday. I hope you all have a good time together. Love, Myrna

Terri said...

That is wondreful news and I hope and pray that none of the other tumors have spread. ben's dad asked me how you were and i told him that you didn't have much use of you left leg but that it was coming back. He then said well, I guess that puts him out of work then huh? I said actually no he is a writer and so he can still work and even though his hand had limited use for a while he was still working typing with one hand. How many people can say that they went back to work with limited mobility after brain surgery. Not many, if you say out loud some of the things you've accomplished they sound pretty crazy and hard to believe. What's crazier is that you triumphed over all of them and that they are all true and that just shows how strong you are. Keep on truckin'
Love terri

katie.elsener said...

Great job, Jeff. Sept. 7th would have been my mother's 90th birthday. We will be praying hard that day that your report is good. I am sure my mother is in heaven doing what she can for you---especially on her 90th birthday! Take care--