Saturday, September 1, 2007

Home At Last

Hi! I'm home at last and writing this from our back porch. It's a pleasant 75 degrees and low humidity. I thoroughly enjoyed drinking my first pot of tea in more than three weeks and am enjoying even more the chance to eat lunch with Jack and Finn and Kelly (Regan has a bit of a fever and is inside watching TV; Aubrey is playing with her friend Caroline). I still have to do my therapy homework--strengthening exercises and some walking--and plan to watch the Notre Dame game later today. All in all, it's a pleasant way to spend the day.

Mom went down to Chicago for several days of R&R with Mary Margaret and Bryan. She certainly deserves a break, and I know she'll enjoy spending time in their new condo. Kelly's brother, Jim, and his family are coming up for a visit tomorrow. They live in Alabama so this is a big trip for them and we're glad they'll be here to help us celebrate Jack's birthday on Tuesday.

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend. It's hard to believe the next school year and autumn are right around the corner. One of my goals is to be able to rake leaves when they really start to fall next month.



mka said...

Sounds like you have managed to click your heels together and say "There's no place like home". I'm heading to Terri's this afternoon to babysit her kids while she and Ben and some friends go to Hawaii. I hope you have a good time being home, and tell Jack "Happy Ben Ten Birthday". Love, Myrna

Terri said...

Well, It must feel good to be home. Tell Jim anf his family hello for us and we are sending Jack a birthday present in the mail, so tell him to be expexting something around the middle to late sept. from us, since we will be gone and won't send it til we get back. Good luck in Houston and keep us posted. Take care and enjoy yourself.
Love, Terri

michael said...

I finally got an account on here. That is great that you are enjoying your time at home. Victoria and i were at the husker football game saturday, it was fun to see us crush another team. Can't wait to see everyone at the wedding.
Love you all,
Michael and Victoria

katie.elsener said...

Hi Jeff,
We are so glad you are home. Relax and enjoy the family. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Mark and Katie

michelle wait said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great Labor Day weekend! I hope Regan gets to feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago on Thurs.
Love you all,

teasley_5 said...

Hey Jeff,
It is great to hear that you are doing so well! Glad that you are going to get to spend Labor Day weekend at home with your family. Thanks for keeping us posted.
The Teasley's

The Hutt Family said...

We are glad you are at home and are enjoying this beautiful Labor day weekend. You are an amazing example of perservence and strength to us. It sounds like you are having lots and lots of visitors so we don't want to rain on your family parade but perhaps some night when your family is back home we'll bring Gillies' sundaes over and have a visit.

Love, The Hutts

Mary M Clay said...

Jeff: This sounds like the perfect way to spend labor day...eating outdoors and enjoying the weather! Katrina and John Patrick came over last night with a few of their ND pals, and we did the same thing...just sat outside and relaxed. They said to tell you HELLO!
Have a great Labor Day and tell the kids to have fun on their first day of school tomorrow!
I love you,

PS: Michael and Victoria - It is awesome to see you guys on here :)

Patrick and Tracy said...

Dad, Tracy and I are sitting in Panera drinking our coffees and contemplating our home improvement project that just went terribly awry. "Hell hath no fury like a painted popcorn ceiling!" We are officially surrendering our DYI memberships and have a new respect for cheap foreign labor.
We are D-U-N!!! Done! "Hello Mister Contractor. We have royally *&^%*$ up our home. Can you please come and salvage what is left and make it look presentable. We are in Home Improvement Hell and need to find some salvation. Please Mister Contractor come to our aid and save us from our home improvement sins."
Love, Patrick, Tracy and Dad

Patrick and Tracy said...

By the way, glad your home.
Patrick, Tracy, and Dad

TheRamFam said...


Sorry we couldn't get the Irish to make Saturday more enjoyable. I did my best, but I was only 1 of 80k+. I did light a candle for you at the Grotto, and NDNation continues to keep you in their prayers.

Heal Like A Champion Today,


Gretchen Viney said...

Hey, Jeff. I've been lurking all along but was too insecure to figure out how to join in. I figure if you walk without a functional left leg, I can figure out how to open a google account!
When you go to Houston, could you take this hot weather with you?
Kelly, people in my generation listened to Dylan (in his initial iteration), so our idea of dancing is sitting around looking profound. I guess that's not a good way to enliven a wedding reception, though.
Prayers being sent your way,
Gretchen Viney