Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Finn's Baptism

Hi! I don't know who's reading this thing anymore but I thought I'd post a couple of picture from Finn's baptism, which was July 22nd. The first picture was taken at the church during the baptism. Finn was baptized at St. Jude the Apostle Church, our parish here in Wauwatosa. The second picture was taken at our home afterward. It is of Kelly and me with my brother, Michael, and my sister, Michelle, who were his godfather and godmother. My parents, my sister Mary Margaret and her husband Bryan, and my brother's fiance Victoria also were able to join us for the day.

We're enjoying the summer, although it's going much too fast. Aubrey and Regan are taking swim lessons; Jack is spending most of his time out doors this summer with Abe and Ben, the neighbor boys; and Finn is being a very good baby, sleeping five to six hours at a stretch most nights and eating as much as he can during the day. Kelly resumes her role as lead singer of the Rabid Aardvarks this coming weekend, with concerts both Friday and Saturday. I'm still doing my writing and watching the kids and puttering around the house.



Mary M Clay said...


What great pictures! It was such a nice day, and Finn handled the water very well.:) It was great to read your post. Have a fun week, and tell Kelly to 'break a leg' with her upcoming gigs!

SandyS said...

Great Pictures!! And we are still watching for updates, can't depend on M to give me all the news,(LOL) so this is a much better way for me, Bryan, & Monica's families to keep updated, so keep them coming. It's nice to read fun happy things instead of finding more scarey stuff.

Marilyn Bolton said...

I saw your mother today at the O'Neil family reunion in Beattie. We had our typically good time and good food. She told me about your new posting with the Baptism pictures--what a glorious occasion! -- I have been reading your blog for several months, and have added my prayers to the multitude sent your way. Lynn Ellen told me about your postings.

All possible best wishes to you and your beautiful family,

Marilyn O'Neil Bolton (your THIRD cousin--your grandmother is my first, your mother my second)

katie.elsener said...

Hi Dodds,
Thanks for the update. I have the icon for your blog on my desktop so I am still checking it!
Mark and Sarah's baby will be baptized this Sunday. Eli Joseph was born on June 3rd. He and Finn would have lots to talk about!
Sincerely, Katie