Wednesday, April 4, 2007

More Blood Tests . . .

Hi All:

Kelly here for another quick report. Jeff had his blood tests on Monday and his counts are still very low. He's going in again today (Wednesday) to have more tests to see if they have gone up at all. In the meantime, he continues to take his shots to increase his counts and it sounds like the doctor will just keep monitoring him until they are back up where they need to be to start the next round of biochemo. He is still very fatigued and spends most of his time sleeping or resting on the couch in the apartment. He occasionally reads the paper or a magazine, but, for now, prefers to read things that are "mindless and light." (Which, ironically, is the name I have selected for my autobiography!).

So, please send him best wishes for a quick rebound so that he will have the energy and immune system necessary to have fun with the kids when they come visit on Saturday. And, it isn't too soon to start praying for good scans on April 10th so that Jeff can continue with the biochemo for two more rounds.

Because I have little else to report about Jeff at the moment, please forgive my self-indulgence as I share the latest news about ME! I saw the OB yesterday and he approved one more trip to Houston. When I return, I'll be 36 weeks along and we agree that any trips to Houston beyond that point are ill-advised. However, he does not believe that I am at risk for pre-term labor and is confident that because I had three other full-term babies, this one will follow suit and come along as planned and not too soon. In other words, I will probably have the baby on the airplane on Saturday. (Tee hee!)

So, until my next update, take care and Thank You all for your continued prayers!



Patrick and Tracy said...

Ciao from Italy!!! We are here in Monfalcone for one more week and then off to Rome (Civitivechia) for our first Inaugural cruise on the 11th. Everything is going great and we have been completely taken in by the locals here and made honorary Italians and many of us are not looking forward to leaving on Sat. Glad to hear all is well back home in the States. Although we have no idea what is happening on American Idol or who won the NCAA tournament. We have only heard about someone named Sanjaya making quite an impact on viewers. Does he play basketball for Florida or sing on AI? So if anyone would like to give us an update on US current events we would love it. Other than that, Buon Pasqua para tutti!!! And we will talk to you all soon!
Love, Patrick and Tracy

Mary M Clay said...

Kelly: Thanks for the update! It's great to hear that you and my new little nephew are doing well :) We'll keep praying for Jeff and the scans on the 10th.

Pat: So I can totally fill you in on all the important current events: for example, Britney shaved her head and went through rehab, Angelina made another adoption and Salma Heyek is pregnant. That about covers all the important stuff :P

mka said...

I can answer some questions. Florida won the NCAA, and I might add I had them picked to win on my bracket, but I was still ranked somewhere around 300,000, so needless to say, I didn't win anything. Also, Sanjaya is on Idol. Even Saturday night live is making fun of him. He has a big smile, long hair, and he isn't the best singer, but he just keeps hanging on and Simon is getting mad at the general public because it's a "singing competition", not a popularity contest. Other than all that I don't know any gossip either. I just hope you are feeling better Jeff, and Kelly, I hope you don't have the baby on the plane. (Really!) He might be named after some passenger who delivers him. So scan the passenger list well, and ask to be seated by someone with a normal name, just in case. ha ha Love, Mom

katie.elsener said...

Hi Jeff and Kelly,
Thanks for the updates. Keep your chins up. We are all praying for you. Happy Easter!
Mark and Katie Elsener