Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blood counts on the rise

Hi all . . . Jeff here. I just wanted to post a blog to let you know my blood counts are back on the rise so I'm off Neupogen for another couple of weeks. Recovery is coming around and I'm able to eat just about anything once again. That means I have about one week to load up on the calories before we begin the next round of treatment. Keep praying that my scans come back good so that I can begin the next round of treatment.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to Kelly and the kids arriving this weekend. I haven't seen Aubrey, Regan, or Jack in about a month, which is too long. We'll have a nice Easter weekend together before I go into the hospital and they head off to Branson, Missouri to attend my sister's wedding. I wish I could go with them to help them all celebrate. I'm really getting homesick. All of my dreams are of being home in Wauwatosa!

Thanks for the continued support. This has been a long fight so far and the end still seems a long way off. I wouldn't be able to do it without all of your prayers and care.



Cathy said...

Hear's to loading up on those calories - and what better time to do so than EASTER! The Easter feast, coming off of the 40 days of fastings and deprivation...
Chocolate Bunnies, Jelly Beans, PEEPS, Malted Milk Balls covered in chocolate... chocolate Easter Eggs, and more...Hope the Easter bunny is good to everyone, and the kids share any candy they get to help fatten you up before the next round of treatments! Cathy Connors

Laura Gilbert said...

Jeff -- just a light and mindless comment to let you know that I'm praying for good scans and that you guys have a great Easter together. Although I don't know her, I just read Cathy's post and I am TOTALLY with her on the candy thing. I might add Cadbury creme eggs, which nauseate 90% of the population but the other 10% of us loooooove them. Also those peanut butter eggs are pretty good. And the chocolate covered marshmellow.... Blessings, Laura

gardiner said...

So happy to read today's blog/news re: your counts. I'm thinking about you all the time. Can't wait for Kelly and the kids to get there and spoil you (and vice versa!) Easter Joy to all. Love,

Amy said...

Yum! Easter candy! These comments are making me hungry! My grandpa always used to tell me that the black jelly beans were Easter Bunny droppings. I liked how they make your tongue black.
Lots to celebrate this weekend, families getting together, a little break from school, all that Easter means to us and HIGH BLOOD COUNTS! YAY!
Still praying for you every day,
Amy Schulte

Scott_Monica1981 said...

Glad to hear your counts are improving! Hope you have a great Easter with your family! Praying that your scans provide the results you desire. Looking forward to seeing your family in Branson, sorry that you won't be able to attend, we'll be thinking of and praying for your continued improvement! Feels like winter here today, it's SNOWING in Clay Center!

The Master's golf tournament is on the USA channel all day Friday, if you want something to sleep too!

With all our love,

Scott & Monica

mka said...

It snowed a lot here in Ogallala today. I think the Easter egg hunt is Saturday. The eggs will be real easy to find if the snow doesn't melt by then. It's supposed to snow a little more tomorrow. (Friday). The annual egg hunt is in the park behind my house. If your kids were here, they could watch where all the eggs are hidden, and have a head start. ha ha I hope you all have a great time together this Easter weekend. I'm so glad you keep improving, and I am continually praying for you. Love, Myrna (Mom)

teasley_5 said...

We are praying hard for great scans and lots of pounds! Glad to hear your counts are on the rise again. Hope you have a great Easter with your family!! We are looking forward to seeing them and everyone else at the wedding next weekend.
The Teasley's

Mark Hofer said...

This is great news, Jeff! We're with you. Have a great time with Kelly and the kids this weekend.

Mark & Eliana

Michelle & Jeff said...

Hey Jeff! Hope you have a very Happy Easter with the whole fam! You will be missed at the wedding. We'll all be thinking of you and praying for you. Looking forward to your call that day! Love you so much!

Katie Clancy said...

Hi Jeff, Good job getting the counts up. We had a nice time visiting in Wauwatosa Wednesday, and the addition looks awesome. Great job! Looking forward to seeing you up there on my next visit this summer. Only a few more weeks before you're back. Will pray for you on the 10th tests. Katie

Scotty said...

Hi Jeff! Glad to hear that your blood counts are up! Have a GREAT time with your wife and kids over the Easter weekend. I spoke with Kelly on Thursday and she says the kids are extremely excited to see their Dad. I'll be thinking of you on the 10th. -Scott Hudson

Tom Hawley said...

Just wanted to let you know that you and the Dodd family are in my thoughts and prayers. tom

Ann R said...

Jeff and Kelly and Family:
Hope you had all had a nice Easter. I heard you where having a picnic so hope the weather was nice for your family. I am very happy to hear about your blood counts being up again. No doubt that you have what it takes to beat this and that is faith and a great support team. I am sure you are missing your family back home and Michelle's wedding. I know Tracy and Patrick are missing everyone and this has been the hardest job they had to go on with everything going on back home. I am just wondering who is the Rock watcher on there ship so they do no sink like the ship in Greece? Just a thought do they have those?? Hee Hee!
Well you guys take care and tell Michelle and Jeff Best Wishes on there specail day.
God Bless, Ann Reins (Omaha NE)