Sunday, April 1, 2007

From Milwaukee

Greetings from Milwaukee!

Jeff got out of the hospital on Wednesday, so I returned home on Friday. I want to send a big Thank You to my brother John and sister-in-law Anni for the great job they did tending to the kids and the house for the past week. I was totally impressed and wish they didn't have to go home to Kansas City. However, my other brother, Jim, is here now from Alabama and has made an effortless transition. We have a busy week ahead of us before I take the kids back to Houston next Saturday for Easter break. They are SO EXCITED to see their Dad!!

Jeff had blood tests on Friday and his counts are still very low. He's continued to take his daily dose of Neupogen (to increase his white count) and his weekly Procrit shot (to increase his red count). He's been tired and worn out with his blood counts so low, but he has still managed to talk on the phone to the kids every night, so hopefully he is on the up-swing. He has his blood tested again on Monday. Pray it all goes well. Pray too that he has good scan results on April 10th. On April 10th he'll undergo another CT scan to monitor the effectiveness of the biochemo and to see if the lesions have continued to shrink. If the CT scan shows continued shrinkage, Jeff will likely go back into the hospital on April 11th for his fifth cycle of biochemo. If the scan does not show further shrinkage, it sounds like Dr. Legha will abandon the biochemo and have to suggest a "Plan B." So, here we are again praying for "good" scans that will allow Jeff to keep going forward with treatment.

So far, it sounds like despite being tired and worn out Jeff is having an easier time this week than he did during his last recovery week after cycle three (he just finished cycle four). Last time, he was plagued with nausea and could not keep food down. He lost a lot of weight and was getting discouraged. He still has some nausea, but has managed to eat--which is something he wasn't able to do last time at this point. So, I hope he continues to feel better and better.

We will have a lot of fun this time in Houston--we will celebrate both Easter and Aubrey's 12th birthday! Regan was concerned that the Easter Bunny would not be able to find them in Houston, but I assured her he will know where she is and how to find her and she will not be disappointed. We'll try to celebrate Aubrey's birthday with a picnic and swimming party at the apartment's pool if the weather is nice. Hopefully, the next birthday we celebrate will be the baby's!

Well, I don't have much else to report. I'll give you all another update as soon as I have more news. Until then, be well.



gardiner said...

Dear Kelly & Jeff, It is great to hear from you. We've been wondering how Jeff is feeling and it's wonderful to hear the nausea has been more tolerable. I'm confident the blood counts will be much better tomorrow. Our friends Jim and Kelly Stehlik were in town this weekend with their 2 girls. They always ask how you're doing and also keep you in their daily thoughts and prayers. We're happy for you as you look forward to your quickly-approaching reunion with the kids. Best of luck with the "rest and gain-weight week" - we're cheering for you. Our love and best wishes, Meaghen & Brendan

Sheila said...

Good Morning Dodd family! I have continued to keep current with your news and have kept you in my daily prayers at Mass . You all sound so busy but united. Your family is so blessed to have one another through thick and thin. But then you know that already. And your faith is tremendously inspiring. Sending my love to you all. Sheila Kuchta

The Christopher said...

Continued prayers from those who follow your struggle.

Is MD Anderson noticeably better than other hospitals for cancer? I'm trying to get my aunt to consider it and move down from New Jersey.

Michelle & Jeff said...

Kelly -
As always great to hear from you! I hope your Easter visit to Houston is a fun time for all. I'll be thinking of you, Jeff, and the kids.
I'm wrapping up wedding plans. Me, Dad, and MM will be heading to Branson this Saturday. It's all just around the corner.
Love to you all!

aubrey kate said...

Hi! I'm just leaving this so that everyone knows that I have been chacking the blog a lot and just haven't been leaving comments!
Luv ya dad!
aubrey kate ;)