Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Signs of Spring

Hi! After a winter that will go down as the second snowiest in Milwaukee history--I think we need about 10 more inches before June 30 to take the top spot--we are finally seeing signs of Spring here at home. Signs like cardinals and robins singing in the morning, the reappearance of grass (sure, it's all matted and dormant but at this time of year anything's prettier than snow), kids walking to school, and for the first time in I don't know how many months--at least since December--a weather forecast that calls for no snow in the next seven days!

Jack and Regan have taken advantage of the warmer weather to reacquaint themselves with their bikes, scooters, roller blades, soccer balls, basketballs, and all of the other toys that have been cooped up in the garage all winter. I caught Jack trying out some tricks on a skateboard this afternoon (first picture). You know we live up north by the visible snow and his heavy jacket. But a kid doesn't care about that. It's a sunny day and he just wants to be outside!

Finn isn't quite old enough to have that yearning so he's still stuck inside with me most of the time. Nevertheless, he has been working on some tricks of his own, as you can see in the second picture. He has gone from barely sitting to pulls-himself-up-standing in about four weeks. We can't put him on the ground and expect him to stay there anymore! It's nice to see him growing up, but I don't have the gumption to chase him around anymore. That's why we installed a baby play yard--aka "the cage"--in my office. He can do whatever he wants, and I know I won't step on him!
As for Aubrey, she's so busy with babysitting (including Finn as well as neighborhood kids), homework, and her school musical she hardly has time to do anything else. Well, except be with her friends. Such is life as a soon-to-be teenager.



Katie Clancy said...

Hi there, no signs of spring out here. We received more snow today. I don't mind, actually. We see moose nearly every day and the excitement has not worn off yet. We have a fox living in our front yard. I can't believe how everyone is getting so big. Time flies. Take good care.K

Marc and Mike said...

It's been a long winter in Seattle too. But finally we've had the sun this week - two days in a row so far! We went to the plant nursery to buy some plants for the yard last weekend - maybe our attempt to bribe spring to get started worked. Now we just need to stave off the temptation to wash the car and keep the sun around. - Marc

Terri said...

Spring has been in full effect here for quite a while now. The boys have had the reverse effect of your kids, it's like they forgot how to ride their bikes and now don't have a desire to re-learn. However, they do want to be outside all day, they just play in the back yard and play soccer instead of riding bikes. It is really nice to hear the birds and feel warm again. With Spring here I hope all the flu bugs disappear soon. I am ready for no more coughs, but as soon as that is all gone it will be time for allergies. My boys always get allergies and I can alreay tell they are getting some of their sympotms. I tell ya if it's not one thing it's another. Glad to hear spring had finally hit you guys. Enjoy!