Wednesday, April 16, 2008

happy birthday to me!

hey everyone! this is aubrey, and i'm taking Terri's request and posting a blog about my birthday party. i'll start with the fact that it was SUPER FUN!!! anyway here is what we did, for those of you who really care:
*** it was candy themed, which sounds a little strange, but was cool :P
at about 3:30pm i got home. one of my best friends, Geneva, was with me because she was going to help me set up. we were already feeling rushed since the party was going to start at 5pm, but we figured we could do it. apparently my friends were a little overexcited (yeah, that's an understatement!!) because about half of them got here around 4:30 and the rest came at 4:45. i learned later that 1 of my friends was going to come at 4:00 but the girl she was carpooling with wasn't ready. thank god. i would have been really annoyed if she had come an HOUR early!!
anyway, when everyone was at my house we were all ready to eat. we have this big inside joke about the $5 foot-long sub-sandwiches at subway, so we decided that it would be fun to get some for dinner. (incase you're wondering we go plain ham & cheese and turkey & cheese, veggie, and ham/turkey with all the "fixin's" on them-they were really good sandwiches!)
after we ate we opened presents and hung out and then we played this one game that had to do with tasting a jellybean and trying to figure out what flavor it was. then we all went outside and sprayed whipped-cream in pie-tins with bubble gum balls and tried to find the gum without using our hands-yeah, it was as messy as it sounds! after that we were just bored and pretty hyper (we had already loaded ourselves w/ sugar and it was only, like, 7:00!!) so we went to my basement and blasted our music at full volume and danced and talked for a while, and just did random stuff. when we finally got bored of that, we decided it was time to stop pigging out on ring-pops, chocolate bunnies, life-savers, starbursts, and other delicious candy and move on to something healthier (ha-like that was gonna happen!) so we went and ate my devil's food cake and neopolitan ice-cream!! then we did the same thing we had done before all over again-go outside, go to the basement, eat candy, mess around with our cell-phones and tell scary stories. eventually, we decided it was time to eat-again. i got out chocolate bars, marshmallows, peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, pretzels, cherry grenadine, cherries, and lemon lime soda. you could be wondering what we could possibly have planned to eat, but to a bunch of 7th grade girls, it was obvious-we were making chocolate fondue and virgin cocktails of course!! Once the "Shirley Temples" were poured and the chocolate was melted, we went back downstairs, ready to do it all over again-again!! it may sound like it would be boring doing the same things for, like, 5 hours straight, but honestly, it was fun. after hours of talking and doing everything else in the world about a million times, we got tired. (and hungry again) so we went to the refrigerator and got out the left over veggie sub-sandwiches and chocolate milk and had midnight snack. we finally got to bed (which is surprising). In the morning, we woke up and ate monkey-bread (for those of you who might not know what that is, it's like caramel cinnamon rolls, that aren't really rolls, and went outside. it was raining and freezing out, but we didn't care-we wore shorts and sweatshirts and we weren't cold! when everyone went home eventually around 4:00, i was still on my sugar high, and was ready for the rest of my birthday, but later that night, after a second birthday cake (this time, yellow cake instead of chocolate) and a bunch of presents, i crashed! anyway, that was my whole birthday party. who could ask for more? 24 hours with my best girl friends was the coolest-plus i got AH-MAZING gifts!! gotta go now!
love love,
aubrey kate (who loves chocolate cake!)

p.s. sorry this post was so long, once i started typing, i couldn't stop!


Mary M Clay said...

Aubrey: Thanks for the 'Birthday Party' overview! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate turning 13! I definitely want to try your chocolate fondue recipe...And maybe I can convince Bryan to a 'Bubble Gum Pie' challenge... :)
Hope to see you soon!
Aunt MM

Katie Clancy said...

Happy Birthday Aubs. Hard to believe Auntie MC and Auntie Katie knew you back when your parents first had you at ND and SMC! Congratulations!

aubrey said...

** this is in response to mary margaret**
once you find the bubblegum in the whipped cream, you have to blow a bubble before you can win. FYI, it's really hard to blow a bubble with gum that is covered in whipped cream! but that's the point i guess :D

michelle wait said...

Hey Aubrey Kate! Your birthday party sounds like it will be the party of the year. How fun! Have you recovered yet? Hope the final rehearsals for your play are going good. Can't wait to hear all about that, too. Love you!

michael said...

happy birthday! the party sounded like it was a sweet! i had to go to the gas station and buy some candy immediately after i read your blog.

Terri said...

Wow, what a b-day! Sounds like fun. I am getting hungry for candy just reading about it. A candy theme seems fun and now I have ideas for when my boys are teenagers. Nolan thought it was funny when I told him you were a teenager, he just laughed at me. I wish I could have been there for your b-day, maybe some other year. I forgot how much fun sleep overs are and I forgot how at sleep overs you eat at midnight. I remember when I was a kid my friends and I would have sleep overs just for fun and during the summer we would sleep outside in a tent. That was fun you should try that. I always wound up getting scared because we would tell scary stories too. Well, happy belated birthday and thanks for the birthday pary info, that made my day, I love hearing about that stuff, next you'll have to tell me what you talked about. :) Just kidding.
Love, Terri