Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No Snow At Last

Hi! I really don't have much news today. All of the snow is finally gone, even the enormous pile out by the street. So that's good. Even better is the fact that we probably won't get any more. A couple of nights ago, the nightly news station reported that Milwaukee had officially received 99.1 inches of snow this year. That's a lot!

Now that the weather is cooperating, Regan and Jack have been playing outside a lot lately. Aubrey's school musical opens in a couple of weeks, so she's being kept quite busy with that and homework. Finn's latest thing is that he likes to kiss the kitchen floor. I think he sees his reflection in the black tile and can't resist smooching the cute baby he sees. At least, I hope that's why he's doing it! I wouldn't think it tastes good.

Here's a picture of Regan. I haven't posted one of her lately and thought it was long overdue. She's so pretty!



aubrey said...

hi everyone! i was going to post a blog about this, but since my dad just got this one up, i guess i'll just leave a comment. here are the dates for the play if any of you want to see it:
family night (free for family)-4/30/08-7:00 p.m.
other performances ($5):
5/1 & 5/2/08-7:00 p.m.
matinee ($5)
hope some of you can come and see it :D
aubrey kate

Katie Clancy said...

Hi everyone, Regan you look so cute. Hope your play is going well Aubrey - would be fun to see it. Finn's getting good practice for all his future girlfriends. Hello from IDAHO.

michelle wait said...

Haha! I started laughing out loud when I heard about Finn's new hobby. I'd love to see that. Too cute! Regan is a very pretty girl. Thanks for sharing the picture and all the good news. Love to you all!

PS- I started feeling the baby move Sunday and Jeff felt it kick Monday night. WOW! We're going to find out the gender on May 9th! I've got 4 more weeks of shows to do...we'll see if I can suck it in that much longer :) I'm a little doubtful.

Mary M Clay said...

Great picture, Regan!
Have FUN today with your First Communion! I can't wait to see pictures of your white dress and veil. Congratulations, Reg!
Aunt MM