Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hi! I've always liked the tradition of Christmas cards. They let the people who matter to us know they matter to us, even if we don't see them very often.

With that in mind, we decided to post the Dodd Annual Christmas Letter on the blog this year. There are just too many of you who matter to me! As is usually the case, this year's letter is in the form of a song ("The Twelve Days of Christmas"), and I expect all of you to sing along (you can ignore the parts in parentheses; those are just for clarification). Hopefully, our letter will bring you a moment of merriment.

Please know that I appreciate all of your prayers, encouragement, support, and offers of assistance in the past year. You all deserve to have the best Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas!

Jeff, Kelly, Aubrey, Regan, Jack, and Finn

PS. Just click the images to enlarge them.


Mary M Clay said...

Merry Christmas, Jeff, Kelly, Aubrey, Regan, Jack and Finn!
Thank you for posting the pictures and letter! Have a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait to welcome the new year with you!
MM and BC

Katie Clancy said...

Love it - thanks for the pix! And, congrats on clear scans and all the accomplishments of the year. Merry Christmas Dodds!

michelle wait said...

Awesome christmas letter! I love the funny family picture :) Have a very Merry Christmas! Love you all very much,
michelle and jeff

gardiner said...

Hello Dodds! Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card! Your spirit is felt in the pictures and words. It's fantastic news about the brain scans. Have a Blessed Christmas. Our love, the Gardiners

Mary Louise said...

Thanks! I always look forward to your clever Christmas letters! Two requests: did I miss Kelly's Supreme Court story? And would love to see/have a copy of the family picture in the Christmas letter. Post? :)

Merry Christmas and Blessings of Health & Healing in the New Year!

(Aunt Ruby) & ML

katie.elsener said...

Dear Dodds,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and Christmas letter.
Jeff, I saw your mom last Wednesday night and we had a nice visit.
We hope your holidays are fun and relaxing.
Sincerely, The Elsener Family

michael said...

Merry Christmas Jeff, Kelly, Aubrey, Regan, Jack, and Finn! The cristmas letter was great, and all the pictures where awesome. Victoria and I hope you have a great christmas and New Years. We are excited to show you Timoree when she is born. She is going to be very lucky to have great cousins. Hope to see all you soon.

CathyBB said...

Jeff (and family), please accept my wishes for a magnificent Christmas!

I just wanted to let you know that I've been checking your blog all year, and I want to thank you for sharing it. I haven't commented because I feel a bit like an intruder, always amazed by both your posts and Kelly's, and also by the many supporters you have! But I just had to say that your posts - even the tough ones - always leave me feeling glad for the world: we're lucky to have people like you talking about what really matters (and so darn eloquently!). From Kelly's "Screwtape Letters" post way back when, to Jeff's song lyrics and "You keep fighting this," you have helped more people than you can possibly know.

I'm going to shrink back into blogger anonymity now, but I'll still be checking. And I'll keep asking JPII for his help... I have the prayer asking his intercession taped to my computer.

Best wishes for 2008,
Cathy Blankenau Bender

mka said...

Merry Christmas to everyone. It's snowing here this Christmas morning. This has been a very snowey December for us here in Nebraska. Maybe all the snow will help the lake go up an inch. I hope your Christmas getaway was fun. Love, Mom (Myrna)

Ann R said...

Merry Christmas to all in your house. Love your Christmas blog. It is good to see you and your family are doing well. Heard from Tracy and Patrick yesterday on the trip over sea's. I am up in Denver for Christmas with April at her new home. Please tell all a Happy Holiday's
and all the best in 2008
Ann Reins (Tracy Mom)