Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brain Scan All Clear

Hi! I met with my neurosurgeon and neurooncologist today. They both were very happy with the results of last week's MRI; the scans, which evidently were done in thinner slices than previously so to show more detail, showed that my brain was free of active mets (metastatic tumors). What a relief.

I told the doctors about the incessant fatigue and low-grade nausea I've been experiencing since late October. They said it's probably related to three things: the after-effects of the whole brain radiation, the medications I'm taking, and the cancer itself. The neurooncologist recommended that I try taking a drug they normally give people with narcolepsy. He thinks it might take away some of the fatigue. That would be nice. I missed Aubrey's Christmas concert last week because I was sick, and I missed Regan and Jack's concert tonight because I'm so tired. All I have to do is check with the doctor who is administering the antiCTLA-4 clinical trial to make sure this other drug won't interfere with the trial.

That's all there is to report from my doctor visits today.


aubrey said...

what the heck is narcolepsy??

Kara Smith said...

lol Aubrey....those are the people who fall asleep in an instant! I watched a movie one time that had someone in it with narcolepsy. I remember it being very funny!

Jeff, what wonderful, wonderful news. Hope your meds get you over the fatigue! Have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy! Rest up!

Mary M Clay said...
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Mary M Clay said...

Awesome news, Jeff! SO GLAD to hear that the scans came back clear, and that there may be a workaround for the fatigue. Does this mean you will be ready to rock and roll with Bryan and I on New Years Eve? :)

Have a great week and stay warm!
I love you,