Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here we go again

Hi all . . . Jeff here. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the day I'm scheduled to begin Round 4 of biochemo. I'm also scheduled to have an MRI brain scan tomorrow morning to make sure the cancer still hasn't spread to my brain. I have no objective reason to believe it has but the test--like every test I have to take--still makes me nervous. I think I'm a little nervous about beginning treatment too; now I know what to expect, and I know to expect that it won't be fun. Needless to say, I'm having a hard time thinking about much of anything except cancer. The good news is that my sister, Michelle, and her fiance, Jeff, are in town. They're a lot of fun and doing a good job of entertaining me. We're also going over to my college roommate's (Kevin Gardner) for dinner tonight, and Kevin is always good for many laughs. Best of all, Kelly is here; having her here always makes me feel good. Once again, I'm thankful that I don't have to go through this alone.


TheRamFam said...


Just a quick note to remind you that we are all praying for you and thinking of you. Although both Irish hoops teams are done for the year, the Hockey team is overachieving by playing together as a team and benefitting from inspired goaltending performances. They will be the #1 seed in the Grand Rapids regional this weekend.

Don't sweat the test -- I'm confident that your brain is too strong to let the cancer in even if it was trying to spread. Good luck dealing with all of the side effects of your next treatment cycle. You survived it 3 times already, so you know you can do it, and you know that it is not in vain.

God bless you and Kelly and your families. You are inspirations to us all.

Tom, Kerry, Elizabeth, and Grace Ramsden

gardiner said...

Jeff, I'm glad to hear you have a fun night planned. We pray the test will go fine tomorrow and that you won't be anxious. Not much new here - the day warmed up to 70 on this first day of spring -felt great. Thanks again for the posting and love to Kelly. Stay strong! Love,
Meaghen & Brendan & Grace & Clare

Jerry and Lu Olmsted said...

Jeff: Wishing you strength and peace heading into tomorrow. It must be so difficult to mentally get geared up again, but wishing you God's speed this leg of your journey.

We are all still, and always, keeping you in our daily thoughts and prayers. Leslie, my oldest, came to spend a couple of days with us last week. Her two year old, Addison, is full of energy and her busy day always comes to an end with kisses and prayers. With her mom's help, her final request of God is to be with you and your family, and Addie firmly adds an "Amen."

So big and small, young and old, aware or innocent we are all here every day for you, dear Jeff. Keep fighting. Love always, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lu

mka said...

Jeff, if any Archuletta ever offers you brown jelly beans or sugar babies, just say NO.

PWilkins said...

Jeff, know that none of you are ever alone - you are surrounded by our prayers. Try and rest in that.
Peggy Wilkins

Katie Clancy said...

Jeff, continued good luck and prayers. We'll be thinking of you.

Emily said...

Hi Jeff, know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Whenever I talk to my mom (pretty much daily) we chat about your progress, how your family is doing, etc. It is always enjoyable to check your blog and hear some funny stuff. Jim (is he your brother-in-law?) had me laughing so hard I was crying over his last post!
Emily, Rob, Ian and Madeline Broyles

Mary M Clay said...
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Mary M Clay said...
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Ann R said...

Jeff and Kelly,
Thinking of you all and praying for the best in all your tests. I am happy that Kelly is feeling better then she had been.
We just got my Dad home today and he met a Doctor in Lincoln that knew Jeff. Dad ended up with Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer he will start 7 weeks of treatment in the next couple of weeks. He is always wanting me to let him know how you are doing and he wishes you well as we all do.
God Bless
Take Care Ann Reins Omaha NE

Scott_Monica1981 said...

Jeff & Kelly,
Hope all went well today! Thinking of you & praying for a miracle!

Cool and raining off & on today. We've had several inches, with more to come.

Things are starting to green up here.

Jayhawks are on TV tonight against So. Illinois, looking forward to another KU victory!

We will keep you & your family in our thoughts and prayers!


Scott & Monica