Friday, March 16, 2007

A Day in the Life

Hi all! Jeff here . . . I thought some of you might be interested in what I do every day while I'm down here in Houston. It's nothing exciting, but here's the routine:

Wake up around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. Take a compazine and benadryl (my antinausea medications). Yes, your basic OTC Benadryl is one of my medications. It counteracts the side-effects of the compazine.

Start eating breakfast around 8:30. I have to wait a half hour for the antinausea meds to kick in before I can start eating. I usually have a couple glasses of juice, a banana, and my waffles. : )

During the morning I usually take a nap and maybe a shower. Showering is kind of a pain because I have to tape a large sheet of Saran Wrap over the Graschong catheter in my chest (that's the tubes that deliver the biochemo drugs). Yes, we literally tape a piece of Saran Wrap to my chest. It's a bit awkward and is why I don't shower every day. Well, that and the fact that I do nothing and so don't really get dirty.

I eat lunch around noon. I have been eating egg-and-bean burritos for lunch. They're filling and full of protein, so I figure they have to be good for me.

During the afternoon, we might head over to the computer lab, go to the grocery store, read the newspaper, or take another nap. I spend a lot of time laying on the couch during the day. That's the most comfortable position to be in.

At 4:00, we watch Take Home Chef on TLC. It's the one show that has become a must-watch (well, actually, the second show; we also watch American Idol religiously). If you've never seen Take Home Chef, it's worth a try. The chef is funny and he makes food that I would actually like to eat. Plus it's quite entertaining watching the women on the show fall all over themselves when the chef comes around.

I take another compazine and benadryl around 6:00 pm in preparation for dinner, then we eat about a half hour later. Right now, I'm able to eat almost anything I want so that's been nice. Tonight I think we'll have a four-bean chili.

At 7:00 pm we try to find something to watch on TV for the evening. Unfortunately, this is usually more difficult than it sounds. There just aren't that many great shows on TV. If we're lucky, we'll find a decent movie to watch. Otherwise, it's a lot of channel surfing until 9:00. Then we might watch King of Queens. I usually talk to the kids at this time of day, too. They'll call me or I'll call them and we'll talk about what's going on in their worlds. Jack always asks to do a "family quiz", which means I ask him a question like "who is your dad's mom?" and he has to tell me the name of the person. He's getting pretty good at it.

Bedtime usually comes at around 9:30. Then it's off to dreamland till the next day comes.

Like I said, it's nothing exciting but that gives you some indication of how I spend my days down here . . . and why I can't wait to get home!


Laura Gilbert said...

Jeff -- I was going to start out with the usual well wishes, but all I can think is, "I need to start watching this Take Home Chef show..." Got your card last week and the shocking part was that I actually recognized your weird what our minds hang on to. Nothing much to say on this end except to just remind you how many people have you in their thoughts and prayers -- daily! Take care, and whatever you do, stay away from reality tv. - Laura G

teasley_5 said...

Glad to hear you are doing better and the medications are working. Sounds like you are eating an awful lot of beans. I'm feeling a little sorry for your mom!!! :)
Actually, I am just glad to hear that you are eating. You are doing great!! We are still praying for you everyday and there are many people here in the little town of Altamont praying for you too!!
The Teasley's
Jason, Chanda, Alex, Noah & Bailey

Mary M Clay said...

Hey Jeff! It's great to read your posts! Everyone is getting ready and excited for the Milwaukee fundraiser! Michelle and Dad are driving up from Nebraska, and Bryan and I will be there...we can't wait to meet everyone! You have such a great community of friends...I'm so proud to have you as my brother. I love you and miss you!

Michelle & Jeff said...

Hey Jeff! Dad and I are in Panera right now. Dad says he's gonna have to treat you to some of there cinnamon rolls someday. He hopes to get you started on eating a couple of them in one sitting. He enjoys doing that! We're going to Victoria's mom's house tonight to celebrate st.Pat's with Michael. Not much news. We're both thinking of you and enjoy when we get a chance to chat with you on the phone. Thanks for filling us in on a day in your life! Can't wait to see you soon!
We love you very very much!
Michelle and Dad

gardiner said...

Jeff, thanks again for the update. We loved reading about your days. You may feel you're not doing much, but really you are!! It's wonderful you're able to rest and also eat now....both tall orders you're filling well. Congrats! and keep it up. Hellos to your mom, Kelly, Aubrey, Regan, and Jack. Our best wishes, Meaghen, Brendan, Grace, Clare

Patrick and Tracy said...

Jeff, sounds like your days are much like ours: wake up, eat, sleep, eat again, sleep, workout, sing and dance a bit, eat some more, watch tv, and sleep. We don't understand what's so boring about it. We love it! Glad you are feeling good. Tell Kelly and the kids hello for us. We'll talk to you soon Jeff. Love, Patrick and Tracy

Dana said...

Hello, Jeff,
Considering that you are one of those people that normally stays busy throughout the day, I'm sure it's a real challenge to find something on TV to keep you entertained.
I was very happy to see that your daily routine does not include "OPRAH". (Or maybe she is part of the routine, but you're too embarrassed to admit it.)

Talk with ya later,

Monica said...

You forgot one important part of your daily routine, you're busy kickin' cancer's butt!!
I think of and pray for you all everyday! Thanks for the updates it's nice to be able to check in and see how you are doing and specific things to pray for!
Take care,