Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Feeling Better So Time To Get Fat

Hi all . . . Jeff here. Dr. Legha tweaked my antinausea prescription so I've been feeling much better the last couple of days. Still a bit tired, but at least I can eat. In fact, we're going to try to do a big pasta meal tonight. After several days of not eating due to the nausea, my weight was down to less than 135, which is what I weighed as a freshman in high school. So my focus from now until the next hospital visit is to eat, eat, eat. Hopefully the pasta will stick to my ribs and add a few pounds per day. I would like to get back up in the 150+ range.

I received word yesterday day that my blood counts are back to normal so I don't have to take my daily Neupogen shot. I give it to myself and it really isn't that difficult to do (fortunately), but I find that I don't like poking myself. It gives me a new appreciation for what diabetics must go through. I think of my grandma Bonnie (my dad's mom), who had diabetes for many years and had to give herself an old-fashioned injection every day. You do what you have to do, of course, but it isn't fun.

Not much else to report from this end. I'm spending a lot of time resting. It seems like I can lay down and nap at just about any time of day. It's probably because my red blood count is low and that takes longer to build back up (the Neupogen shot is for white blood count). I get a weekly Procrit shot for the red blood count but it takes four weeks to work effectively. The goal is to keep the counts high enough to continue the treatment schedule.

Thanks for all your posts, letters, and prayers. I've really been trying to focus on going through this just one day at a time, and your outpouring of support has helped me do that. Take care, Jeff

PS A special big thanks to everyone involved with the fundraiser next weekend. I'm humbled and amazed at what a production it is turning out to be. They'll be doing a feature article in the Wauwatosa News Time, and Mr. Kev from Kelly's band is doing radio interviews in town to get out the word. You don't know how badly I wish I could be there to join everyone. I think my mom and dad and the kids will be there, though, so the Dodd family will be well represented.


Michelle & Jeff said...

Jeff, It's wonderful seeing a post from you. So glad today has taken a turn for the better. Enjoy your delicious pasta dinner tonight. Love you,

aubrey kate said...

Hey Dad! Guess what I'm doing right now... there's a photographer @ our house taking pictures of me while I write this comment! Anyway, I have to go, but I luv u!
aubrey kate ;)

Mr. Kev Kev said...

Hey Jeff, while the past several weeks don't sound like fun results seem very encouraging!

We taped an interview yesterday about you and the Jeff Dodd Benefit Show ( that will run this Sunday Morning March 18 on 99.1 WMYX, 103.7 KISS-FM, and SportsRadio 1250 WSSP. I'm hoping we can rip a soundclip too that we can post on the website - assuming we're successful, you'll have to listen to the interview tell me where I told blatant lies ;-)

Keeping good thoughts towards your continued success in treatment. . . .

Mr. Kev

p.s. Hope you don't mind a shameless plug for the show, but for those reading this comment we have plenty of raffle tickets available and lots of cool prizes, listed at the website - drop me an email at if you'd like to buy some raffle tickets - and of course we'll also be selling them at the show on March 25 - as with everything else associated with the show, all net proceeds are being deposited directly into the Dodd Family Fund at M&I Bank in Milwaukee.

Katie Clancy said...

Jeff, after hearing about the difficult nausea, its good to see you writing about food again. There's nothing like Mom's cooking to help fatten you up again. It seems funny to wish you the best of luck in gettin' fat - but here we all are doing it! Just think - you're more than half way through and things are plugging along as planned. Congrats and keep doin what you're doing. Your homecoming in Milwaukee is just around the corner. Love, KC

Mike said...

Better carb up...too bad there's not a Spaghetti Works down there. I remember when you could eat plates upon plates of that stuff. Better get started, my friend. And hey, no "ditch-em" games this time...we want to keep that weight UP! Great to hear things are improving this week.

Michael said...

Jeff, I'm glad to hear that you are feeling less nauseated. I'm also glad that Marc is getting a chance to travel to Houston tomorrow so that you two can see eachother. Perhaps he can make one of his famous cheesecakes to help with the high calorie diet. Be sure to ask Marc to share pictures of some of our adventures in Seattle with you - I even made him go skiing in January! Best of luck to you in the next round of chemo - glad to know that you are having such a good response to the treatment and are under the care of such a good doctor. Mike

Runges said...

Jeff, Thanks for filling us in on your progress. We're so glad that you're feeling like you can tackle the pasta.
We're looking forward to the concert. I read the article in the Wauwatosa News Times and it sounds like a lot of planning has taken pace. All our best to you and the family as this difficult journey continues. Love the Runges