Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes! I Finally Graduated Kindergarten!!

Hey everybody (:

It's been a while since I've posted a blog, so I thought I would write one now since I'm done with school and homework and everything!
Okay, so... where to start? I guess I'll start by saying I'm very happy it's summer and, for those of you who don't already know, I graduated junior high. It's not that big of a deal, but it was kind of cool because I got to wear a dress and I got gifts and what not, haha!

There was a promotion ceremony at school on Friday, so my grandparents (Mary and Gary :) ) came to that with my mom. (The picture on the top left is after the ceremony outside of my school with a few good friends.)Then I spent the rest of Friday at promotion parties with my friends! It was a great way to start my summer :D

Today the graduation festivities continued! I spent all morning cleaning my room-it was a disaster-but spent my evening at my best friend's graduation party. It was a family party but she invited me and our other best friends and we had a blast! Ironically enough, the party's theme was us going into highschool, but we might as well have been graduating kindergarten since the party consisted of drawing a chalk mural on the driveway that said "Freshman '09," playing an epic game of hide and seek, and of course, having a water fight! It was an incredibly fun even though it probably just sounds silly to all of you, haha :P

So yep... that's pretty much all that has happened to me lately. In other news, I'm pretty sure everyone in our household is back to being in good health, which is good. Plus, my dad's parents have been here for the past week, so that has been extremely fun to have them around :) By the way, I forgot to mention it earlier, but the second picture (the one on top) is just me and my best friend, Rose, in Spanish class on the last day of school before out promotion ceremony. Anyway, I should go because even though it's summer now, I do still have some things to do before I go to sleep and it's already 11:45 and I'm tired! So goodnight, love you all!

--Aubrey Kate


Mary M Clay said...

Aubrey: Congratulations on your promotion!! I love the look beautiful!
- Aunt MM

mka said...

Congratulations on making it out of eighth grade. That's where my grandpa Orr stopped and he still became a millionaire, so your possibilities are endless. Can't wait to have you down here and show you what small town livin' is like. You'll go back home with a midwestern twang. ha ha Love, Grandma

Terri said...

Yeah, you'll go back home saying "pop" instead of soda. Congratulations on your graduation from 8th grade. Next year will be fun and before you know it you'll be off to college. What on earth will Kelly do??? Well, good luck in high school!!
Aunt Terri