Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Recap

Hi All:

Long time, no blog. Feels like weeks since my last post. Here's a quick update:

Mother's Day was very nice. This was my first Mother's Day without Jeff and I can tell already that Mother's Day probably won't be a big deal from here on out. It's not as much fun when I have to orchestrate my own "surprises." But, that's OK. Really--everyday is Mother's Day now. I get to decide everyday what I want to do with the kids (or for myself) without any discussion or interference. Nonetheless, I like the old way better.

The kids were on top of things though and marked the occasion. Regan helped with Finn in the morning so I could sleep-in (until 8:00 a.m.). She also made me a picture frame at school. Jack drew me a picture and Finn took a nap (his gift to me whether he knew it or not). Aubrey babysat the little kids so I could take a nap, too, which was the only Mother's Day gift I wanted. We also went to church and had lunch with our friends, Tony and CeeCee and their twin girls (who are exactly six weeks younger than Finn). Thank you, CeeCee, for sharing your family with me on Mother's Day when you could have easily justified keeping them all to yourself. And thank you, both, for the flowers and card. It made it feel like Mother's Day which was especially nice this year. To round out the evening, we had a special dinner from Mo's Irish Pub and watched a movie that the girls picked out. Jack and Finn spent the duration of the movie wrestling and laughing on the floor in front of the T. V.

So, all in all, it was a great day. I have absolutely no complaints. And for that, I was crowned "Mother of the Year" (tee hee):

http://news.cnnbcvideo.com/?nid=cInLYC8bDM8qzYpI1bJXOjM2NzA4NTc-&referred_by=16112030-y6aH Hcx

(Thanks for the laugh, Jill. I needed it this week!)

Finally, on Mother's Day, Jack asked "when is Children's Day?" I said, "there isn't one." He said, "then when is Brother Day?" Again, I said, "there isn't one." So, I decided that from now on Mother's Day will be a day for this Mother to celebrate her children and for me let them know how much I appreciate them and love them. After all, when every day is Mother's Day, it only seems fair that one day a year be set aside for the kids. They deserve it waayy more than I do. Believe me.

In the meantime, we're gearing up for a big weekend. We have, among other things, Finn's Birthday, Regan's soccer game, Aubrey's Fall Out Boy concert, my Rabid Aardvarks Show, a 5k run to raise money for Melanoma research, and a memorial service hosted by Jeff's hospice. So, check back soon. I promise a thorough report. Until then . . .

Take care!


ashlynn said...

I am an RO reader of yours (so far at least), living in Hungary, but now I need to tell you, or rather your Jack, that there is a Children's Day celebrated in my country (and in other European countries). Hungarian kids get tons of presents from their parents on the last Sunday of May. Considering moving to Europe??? :)

Terri said...

Aubrey, I'll be thinking of you when you are at your concert because on that day I am graduating, so we'll both be having fun. I'll play some Fall Out Boys at my reception in honor of your concert. :-)