Friday, May 1, 2009

The Month of May

OK, now that the head-lice epidemic at my house is akin to a Biblical pestilence, I received a notice from the school informing me that Pink-eye is going around Jack's class and to take all manner of precaution. I hope the fact that it is "Fungal Infection Awareness Month" ( is not indicative of what's to come . . . I feel like the freaking Egyptians in the Old Testament! Ugh!

But, aside from being "Fungal Infection Awareness Month" I wanted to be sure to let you know that today is the first day of Melanoma Awareness Month. It only seems fitting, if not ironic, that so many holidays pertinent to Jeff occur this month and that this month has been set aside to educate others about Melanoma.

This month we will celebrate:

May 15th--Finn's 2nd birthday

May 17th--The Annual Memorial Service at Jeff's Hospice and the annual Melanoma Awareness 5k run/3k walk at the Milwaukee County Zoo. I'm going to see if Aubrey wants to run in it (she's a natural and gifted distance runner). If so, I'll see if Mary Margaret and Bryan want to run with her (heads-up, MM and Bryan!).

May 21st--Jeff's Birthday. This would have also been our 15th wedding anniversary. (Sigh . . .)

May 25th--Memorial Day. This will be a new "holiday" for us this year now that we have someone to memorialize.

So, that's our month at a glance. I hope you'll keep reading to see how it all unfolds.

Until next time,


Terri said...

Well, if the 5k run would have been while we were going to be there, Ben said he would have ran it with Aubrey and made her eat his dust. :) Just Kidding! Anyway, we will be there for Memorial Day so maybe we can make it fun or special somehow. Since Memorial Day falls on "National Tap Dance Day" we can dance a little jig, maybe an Irish jig in remembrance of Jeff, or at least it will give you a reason now for you to go out and buy those tap dance clogs you have been wanting. :D (tee, hee).

mka said...

The only run I could do is the 5ft run. Yes, 5 feet! I found out 30 years ago that I couldn't even run around the block without getting winded. I don't know how all of you runners do it. But I could tap dance on Memorial Day. Love, Mom

Peggy Wilkins said...

You forgot Mother's Day, May 10th

Mary M Clay said...

Hey Kelly! You can definitely count Bryan and I in for the 5K! Look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!