Friday, April 10, 2009

My Annual April 10th Post

I've posted a blog on April 10th for the past two years, so I hated to break with tradition even though I really don't have anything to say. You'll note that has never stopped me before . . .

There is nothing particularly special about April 10th, but for whatever reason, I posted a blog each year on that day. Today is Good Friday and I worked like mad. I don't even know where the day went--every minute was filled to bursting. I even took a call on my cell phone in the bathroom today. I haven't gone to the bathroom or taken a shower at home without an audience since 1995--why should work be sacred? To those of you who are "too busy" to be friends with me, I say your sense of modesty is too refined. You can call me from the bathroom--I won't be offended. :-)

The kids were off school today for Good Friday and had a fun day with my friend, Mike, who took them to a movie while Finn took a nap. Thank you, Mike, for giving Lolo a break. And double-Thank You for the love and attention you give to my kids. My friend, Steve, and his family came over after dinner. It was a lot of fun to just get together and visit. Steve and his wife are a lovely couple and very well-suited to each other. I like them both so much, yet there is something uniquely awkward about being friends with a couple when you're single. There exists an almost imperceptible incongruity--something vague yet tangible that reminds me things are never quite right.

Jack has been having a hard time lately. He misses his Dad terribly and only knows how to express it through fits of crying and irrational anger. For example, yesterday he had a complete and utter meltdown because the string broke on a mask he made at school (even though it was easily fixed by simply tying it back together). I talked to him about it and he admitted he was upset and missing Jeff and that it really wasn't about the mask. He hugged me while he sobbed for his Dad and I felt so sorry for him.

Now, it's late. The kids are in bed and I'm the only one awake. It's kind of boring. I think I'll go to bed too. Don't be jealous of my rock star lifestyle.



Jackie said...

I am sitting here reading your blog, so I too, party like a rock star. I love your words of wisdom and your witty posts... even when you don't have anything to say. :)It's also quite apparent that Aubrey is following in your footsteps. She is articulate, smart, and undeniably funny.

I got a little teary to read about Jack. My husband has stage IV met. malignant melanoma and the prognosis is not good. We know the inevitable is coming. I ache for my 3-year-old, but reading about your family gives me such hope that we will be able to survive this nightmare... we will be OK.

I am constantly inspired by your words and look forward to new updates. I know I don't know you, but I have read so much, that I don't feel like a stalker anymore. :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jackie Bartak

gardiner said...

Hi Kelly, it was fun hearing/ reading about the spring of 1995. I remember it so clearly - even where I was standing when I got the call from Jeff about Aubrey's birth. We were all so happy for you! The tiny apartment was so warm and cozy - that's how I remember it. Love to all,

mka said...

Kelly, this is your mom. Quit using big words like, "imperceptible, and incongruity, and vague and tangible." All us blog readers aren't big fancy lawyers, so for us you have to say, "I feel weird when I'm out with a couple now that I'm not a couple anymore. But I would rather feel weird with a couple than not be asked out at all. So don't hesitate to ask me out for a couple's night, because I am still thrilled to go." (are thrilled and hesitate too big of words too?) ha ha I know how you feel though. I feel bad for Jack too, but it sounds as though he's learning how to cope. I bet it's hard for him at school when he hears kids talk about their dads. So be ready for some acting out this Father's Day. Love, Mom

Jim said...

You can tell Jack that his cousin Ashton has his problems as well, not from death of a parent but the closest thing I guess, the divorce of his parents. Since the big D, notes have begun from his school..."Ashton was aggressive on the playground" "Ashton punched a kid", etc. Ashton's dealt with things fine, but has his occassional bad days where he must vent. I say it's better for them to vent with a melt down or a punch, rather than keep it bottled up. If they didn't have melt downs or punch, or act up, you may not know what's going on in their world, at least when they act up, you visibly see that something is bothering them and can deal with it. But I still tell Ashton that lashing out causes nothing but trouble, but things are ok for the most part.

Terri said...

I agree with Jim. i couldn't have said it better myself. I also agree with mom you need to dumb it down for me and write in parenthesis what your big words mean :-) Anyway, I feel bad for Jack too. I know time heals all but I hope that time passes fast and he feels better.
Love, Terri

PJ said...

I'm so sad for Jack. I wish there was something I could do. So I'll hope and pray for you as always. I pray you can feel the love and good vibes we try to send you telepathically. As sad as it makes me feel to hear it - I agree that it is good for Jack to find ways to express his sadness and anger. He hurts, he cries. He's angry - he lashes out. Hopefully they will all find ways to express their feelings. Keep the honesty flowing. I kinda like the big words, they remind me of Jeff and help expand my grade eight vocabulary. Much love, the Whalens.